Assessment of Student Learning

Student learning assessment is a process by which information is gathered and critically examined to better understand what our students are learning in relation to stated learning goals. The assessment learning cycle is ongoing and continuously changing to ensure the highest levels of quality in academics, student support and Institutional development.

Assessment Committees

Student learning assessment and curriculum matters are the responsibility of the faculty and coordinated with and by several groups on campus. including the following committees:

Student Learning Assessment Committee (SLAC)

Provides input on the quality of assessment work and makes recommendations that will enhance student learning assessment at Delta College. This is accomplished through scheduled discussions with assessment facilitators and by providing resources and mentoring. 

2022-2023 Membership

    • Michael Faleski, Chair
    • Martha Crawmer, Dean of Teaching and Learning
    • Reva Curry, VP of Instruction and Learning Services
    • Toni Clegg, co-Chair
    • Bernadette Harkness
    • Elena Lazzari
    • Tim McGuire
    • Brent Pashak
    • Keith Proctor
    • Sue Roche
    • Ed Suniga
    • Jason Young

General Education Curriculum and Assessment Committee (GECAC)

Charged by the Vice President of Instruction and Learning Services with comprehensively overseeing and coordinating Delta's General Education Program Assessment.

2022-2023 Membership

    • Maureen Donegan, co-Chair
    • Casey Armour
    • Mark Balawender
    • Martha Crawmer, Dean of Teaching and Learning
    • JD Garn
    • Jennifer Gaumer
    • Angela Guy-Lee
    • Bernadette Harkness
    • Carla Murphy
    • Robert Neymeiyer
    • Eric Wiesenauer, co-Chair

Current General Education Assessment Cycle

    • Winter 2020 - Think Civically
    • Fall 2020 - Cultivate Wellness
    • Winter 2021 - Reason Quantitatively
    • Fall 2021 - Utilize Technology Effectively
    • Winter 2022 - Think Critically
    • Fall 2022 - Communicate Effectively

Delta College General Education Outcomes

Think Critically
Produce a defensible conclusion or solution using critical or creative thinking.

Communicate Effectively
Communicate effectively in oral, written, or symbolic expression.  

Think Civically
Demonstrate an understanding of diverse societies, ranging from local to global, in order to engage effectively in civic life.

Cultivate Wellness
Demonstrate an understanding of wellness principles to promote physical and personal health.

Utilize Technology Effectively
Solve a problem or accomplish a task using technology.

Reason Quantitatively
Use quantitative information or analyze data within context to arrive at meaningful results. 


    • Act responsibly
    • Apply knowledge and skills
    • Communicate effectively
    • Think critically

Arts and Letters

Business and Technology

General Education

Health and Wellness

Science and Mathematics

Social Sciences