Delta College Brand Standards

A consistent style is important to uphold Delta’s identity and ensures information is clearly communicated to audiences of all media.

Branding guides

The Delta College Creative Guide (PDF) is available to help those maintaining or developing any Delta College print or electronic publication.

Digital Signage Guide

The Digital Signage Guide (PDF) provides guidelines and standards for interior and exterior digital signage at Delta College. Here you will also find the various roles and responsibilities individuals and departments have in relation to these signs.

Social Media Guide

The Social Media Guide (PDF) provides a set of standards to those that have administrative roles or responsibilities in developing content for any Delta College social media account. 

Video Standards

Delta's video standards (PDF) provide guidance to assure all digital resources are accessible and follow Delta College’s brand standards and visual identity guidelines. 

Website Content Guide

The Website Content Guide (PDF) provides an overview of Delta College's public website strategies and governance. Here you will find target audiences, insight to page organization and content, governance procedure, accessibility standards, guidelines for images and videos, and tips for external web entities.

Writing Style Guide

The Writing and Content Style Guide (PDF) provides a set of guidelines to those that have roles or responsibilities in developing or maintaining content for any Delta College print or electronic publication. The standards included in this guide are a blend of best practices, formatting guidelines, common grammatical concerns, troublesome terms and AP Style highlights.

Delta's logo

Delta College's waterfall logo is recognized throughout our community. It must be used in accordance with the Delta College Creative Guide (PDF). Contact for assistance with logo usage.

Delta College logo - green

Delta College logo - black

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Delta College seal

The Delta College seal is reserved for official and ceremonial uses such as diplomas, legal documents and formal invitations. The seal symbolizes the formal authority vested in Delta College, and its use is at the sole discretion of the Office of the President with approval from the Marketing department.

For permission to use the Delta College seal, contact Leanne Govitz at

Secondary logos

If a department or entity of the college has a need for a logo, they may use a secondary logo consisting of the college logo with their name underneath. Secondary logos must be created by the marketing department. 

Downtown Midland Secondary Logo


Duck graphics

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