Methods of Internal Communications

Delta College has variety of methods available to communicate with internal audiences -- each with it's own advantages and guidelines. The purpose of this list is to let you know what's available and how to access these tools. 



DELTA-L is the Delta College institutional listserv.


    1. Purpose: To serve as a tool for communicating institutional information and announcements, typically of an immediate nature. Attachments are allowed.
    2. Members: All full-time faculty and staff, as well as regular part-time staff including adjunct faculty and Board members are automatically subscribed.
    3. Posting: Delta-L messages to be posted to the listserv by designated persons throughout the college.

Examples of messages include:

    • Death/funeral notices
    • Board Action. Brief report of each Board of Trustees Meeting
    • Human resources information about compensation, benefits or performance management
    • Payroll announcements
    • Communications from the President or Vice Presidents
    • Campus wide announcements regarding facility repairs, etc.
    • Emergency notifications and/or planned service disruptions (i.e. weather, phones, internet, safety messages, etc.)
    • Communication of important deadlines (i.e. purchasing, finance, etc.) and employee events (learning days, benefits fairs, etc.)

Daily News – Inside Delta

Delta News is an electronic communication method for college employees and is located on the internal portal’s front page. Delta News announces events, accomplishments, news, workplace and employment benefit notices, as well as thank you notes and similar information. Messages are usually posted for 2-4 days and can be submitted by any employee. Messages can be posted for the next day if it is received by 2pm. Submit events using the Daily Difference announcement form.

Examples of messages include:

    • Thank you notes following funerals
    • Birth announcements
    • Campus event announcements
    • Accomplishments
    • News from Around Campus

Events Calendar on Inside Delta

25Live feeds our event calendars. Events in which everyone (including community members) can attend are posted to the main college calendar. Events for students are posted to Inside Delta – Currents Students, and events specifically for employees are posted to Inside Delta – Faculty/Staff.

When inputting your 25Live event request you can select where you’d like it to appear.

President’s Post

This electronic newsletter is sent out monthly, in fall and winter semesters. It is from Dr. Gavin and is created by the Marketing Department. The list of recipients includes all full- and part-time employees of Delta College. A list of those individuals is obtained monthly by Marketing from the Human Resources department. All recipients are not provided an option of “opting out” of receiving future messages.

Topics include: Strategic or enrollment information, announcements of College and personal staff awards, upcoming College, Broadcasting, Foundation or Planetarium events, student successes and other important information.

Pioneer Spirit

(Not specifically for internal audience but many receive it.)

This electronic newsletter is sent out bi-weekly throughout the year and monthly in July and August. It is created by the Marketing Department. The list of recipients includes everyone with an email address within the Foundation Office’s donor database, Raiser’s Edge, including donors, retirees and current employees, if they have provided an email address. Recipients can opt-out.

Content includes items that would be of interest to the broader community, including:  Delta College awards and recognitions, Pioneer athletic updates, on-campus events that are open to the public, Public Broadcasting, Foundation and Planetarium updates.

Story ideas are taken from news releases, President’s Post and the Daily News.

All College Forums

All College Forums began in Fall 2019, with a goal of presenting topics of interest to everyone on campus. All Forums will be no longer than 45 minutes and held on the third Wednesday of the month.

Executive Council will be responsible for setting the topics and assigning ownership to the individual(s) who will be presenting. Executive Council is responsible for selection, approval and assignment of Forum topics, in alignment with the College’s strategic plan.

Following the Forum, the speaker responsible for presenting will forward 5-7 bullet points from the presentation to elected or designated workgroup representatives for:  Executive Council, Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, A/P staff, Support Staff, and Facilities. These representatives will be asked to share further using internal listservs. This will ensure the message is shared prior to the next scheduled Forum. Also, leaders at each department will be encouraged to share Forum information during regularly scheduled team meetings.

Internal and Roadway Digital Monitors

Interior and exterior digital signage at Delta College provides an opportunity to communicate institutional branding, recruitment messages, educational opportunities, student engagement happening, available services, events and site-specific activities.

Digital signage provides a sustainable solution to delivering messaging to travelers near Delta’s campuses, visitors to our campuses and students on Delta’s campuses with the goals of improving communication across campus, increasing attendance at events and informing the campus community of college news. Each advertisement has a short time frame to tell a story, due to the rotating nature of digital signage, so well-designed concise messages are critical.

Messaging guidelines

    • Subject matter – must be open to anyone interested
    • Site-specific and institutional strategic messages, activities and events
    • Exterior - recruitment messaging, community services, public events
    • Interior – retention and visitor messaging
    • Community events sponsored by Delta College may be considered