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Marketing Request

Please use this form to request a project from the Marketing department. We provide free support to other Delta divisions and departments wishing to promote their services and/or events. Below you will find a list of the types of services we offer. Please check those best suited to your project needs. 

In general, a project will take four weeks from start to finish. The Marketing Director will be in contact with you to discuss your project after you submit this form. 

In general, please provide project/event information to Marketing at least four weeks in advance of the desired completion date. Shorter time frames may restrict what services we can provide. Please allow more time for multi-faceted projects.

If you’re updating existing materials, you may mark edits on a hardcopy and interoffice mail or email it to

Project/Event Information

Requested Services

Please let us know what you have in mind. Below are three categories: print, digital and broadcast materials. Please check those that apply and we will contact you to discuss further. 

Printed materials

Design process:

  • Discuss new project with Marketing Director
  • Marketing designs materials
  • Sends proof of materials to you for review
  • Marketing will correct any errors you find
  • Another proof will be provided for your approval
  • Marketing will send approved file to Printing Services
  • You will work directly with Printing to complete the project

Unsure? Let’s discuss the best approach.

Digital Media and Public Relations

Unsure? Let’s discuss the best approach.

*See Digital Signage Guide (PDF) on Marketing's Portal page.


All set?

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