Reentry Procedure

The following are the guidelines for reentry into health occupation programs.

For nursing reentry, please see nursing programs.

Reentry Eligibility

    • A request for reentry can be made if a student has had a course failure or has withdrawn from a program track and the student is in their second or subsequent semester of the program. Please submit the Health and Wellness Division reentry request form.
    • If a student withdraws from a program during the first semester or if they fail a course in the first semester then the student is not eligible for reentry. Instead, the student must revalidate if wanting to reenter the program in which this failure or withdrawal occurred.
    • If, after reentry, a second failure or withdrawal should occur, the student cannot apply for reentry nor can the student revalidate for the same program. However, the student can validate for a different program once that program’s validation requirements are met.

Reentry Process

    • The request for reentry should be made within one month of the course failed (or withdrawn from) or at the latest one month after the course final grade is transcripted. 
    • Requests for reentry must be received in writing using the Request for Reentry Form.
    • The Reentry/Review Board will meet within 30 days of a student’s request for reentry; the student may choose to attend the meeting to address the Reentry/Review Board. 
    • If reentry is granted, the student must reenter the program within one year or the student is no longer eligible for reentry and must revalidate for the program unless the Reentry/Review Board determines that a different time period is appropriate.
    • Placement into a program course will be determined by the Reentry/Review Board decision. If the number of reentry students exceeds course availability then placement is determined by the date and time that the Request for Reentry Form is submitted. No requests for reentry can be submitted until withdrawal from a course has been made or an official grade has been issued by
      the instructor at the end of the course.

Reentry/Review Board Membership

The following five members will vote.

    • Faculty Chair – Three-year term (cannot be a nursing faculty)
    • Faculty Alternate Chair – Three-year term who will become Chair and preside over situations where the Chair is involved (cannot be a nursing faculty). This person will also serve as a division member at-large when not filling in for the faculty chair.
    • Discipline Faculty or Alternate – Non-involved full-time discipline faculty member will be selected, or a full-time division member will be selected by the faculty, of the involved discipline, if all discipline faculty are involved.
    • Division Member At-Large – Pool of 3 division members appointed by the division chair will rotate based on availability at the designated meeting time.
    • Counselor

Reentry Decision

    • A decision will be made by the Reentry/Review Board at the conclusion of their meeting(s).
    • Students will be notified within two weeks by e-mail of the decision.
    • Decisions denying reentry must have rationale, in writing, for the denial.
    • A copy of the Reentry/Review Board’s decision will be sent to the Associate Dean.

Individual Plan for Success (IPFS)

    • If the Reentry/Review Board approves reentry, the Board will also develop an Individual Plan For Success (IPFS) which will be given to the student as part of the reentry decision. The IPFS will be discussed with the student by the Program Coordinator or designee. All conditions of the IPFS, which focuses on student success, must be met in order to continue in the program’s track and
      cannot be appealed.
    • It should be noted that reentry into a program is based on space availability since our program
      tracks have limited enrollment capacities.

Appeal Process

    • A student may appeal the Reentry/Review Board’s decision if new or pertinent information becomes available that was not considered in the initial request.
    • The faculty, Associate Dean, or Dean can request an appeal with supporting rationale.
    • Submission of a written appeal to the Reentry/Review Board should be made within 30 days of the initial decision.
    • The Reentry/Review Board Chair or Alternate Chair will then schedule a meeting within two weeks. The original Reentry/Review Board members will meet for the purpose of reviewing the appeal. The Board will notify the appellant of their decision by e-mail within two weeks of the meeting.
    • An appeal decision cannot be further disputed in this process.

Confidentiality Statement

All participants of the Reentry/Review Board process, in any of the proceedings, should consider all matters covered in the meetings as confidential due to the nature of the situations and discussions that follow to resolve them. Any breach of confidentiality may lead to disciplinary action, according to Delta College policy.


To assure continuity in the reentry process all Health and Wellness disciplines must have policies in place, within their
student handbooks, that follow these minimum guidelines. If no discipline specific policy exists then these guidelines as outlined will be used within the Health and Wellness Division. The Associate Dean must review an alternate Reentry/Review Process to assure consistency.

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