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Physical Therapist Assistant Dual with General Management

Associate in Applied Science

Program Overview

Physical Therapist Assistant Dual with General Management

If you want a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant but also have an interest in business management, this dual associate degree could be perfect for you!

With this program, you have the opportunity to earn a second associate degree in General Management at the same time as your Physical Therapist Assistant associate degree. It's a great way to get that business background and increase your earning potential.

Students should complete the business course requirements for the dual degree before beginning clinical work as a PTA.

Earning Potential

Interested in a career in physical therapy? Learn more about our region’s employment outlook and career opportunities you can pursue in this field of study.

Assist physical therapists in providing physical therapy treatments and procedures. You may, in accordance with State laws, assist in the development of treatment plans, carry out routine functions, document the progress of treatment, and modify specific treatments in accordance with patient status and within the scope of treatment plans established by a physical therapist. This field generally requires formal training.

median annual salary
annual job openings

are currently employed within the State of Michigan Prosperity Regions 5 and 6.

This number is expected to over the next four years.

of current workers will reach retirement age within the next ten years.

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About Delta's Program

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    State-of-the-art technology

    Technology is a big deal. That’s why we have the best technology out there – like a $20 million health wing renovation. We want to make sure when you graduate, you can hit the ground running.

    Learn about our Facilities

Delta's program is four semesters long, starting in the fall. It's a cohort program, so you come in as a group and take your classes together from your first semester until your last. Each semester in the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program, students take 12+ credits and requires a full-time commitment to be successful. Students spend many hours outside of class studying and practicing their skills.

Most PTA courses are offered on campus during the day, however students may occasionally be asked to be available on nights or weekends for special events. Students also have more than 100 clinical sites to choose from.


At Delta College, we want every student to get the best education, so they're ready to hit the ground running when they graduate. Accreditation is one way we do that.

The Physical Therapist Assistant program at Delta College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

1111 North Fairfax Street 
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Program application process

Getting your degree in a health field is unique compared to other Delta programs. You must first take your prerequisite core courses, then you apply for validation.

What's validation?
The Registrar's Office validates your prerequisite courses to confirm you are eligible to begin the clinical portion of your program.

Success Tips

  • Declare the Physical Therapist Assistant program.
  • Meet with your advisor regularly. Stay on track with what you need to do to apply.
  • Apply for validation with the Registrar's Office once you've started your final semester of prerequisite courses. (Portal login required.)
  • Stay connected for important updates from Delta!
Program outcomes

We want to make sure you're ready when you graduate and that the knowledge you gain from your Delta degree is top-notch. 

When you're done, here's what you'll be able to do:

Outcome 1
Use appropriate technical and interpersonal skills to function as a competent entry-level PTA.

Outcome 2
Demonstrate professional behaviors and values of the profession which include lifelong learning and civic responsibility.

Outcome 3
Demonstrate abilities that will enable employment as a physical therapist assistant.

Outcome 4
Utilize appropriate problem solving and critical thinking abilities to carry out an established patient plan of care under the supervision of a physical therapist.

Student outcomes

We think it's important to know how we're doing so we can continually improve our programs – collegewide. We work really hard to give our students the best possible education. So, we annually evaluate and show you what we find out. 

Licensure pass rates

Total percent of candidates by graduation year who took the NPTAE and passed.

2017 15/16, 93.8%
2018 17/20, 85%
Two-year average: 88.9%

Source: The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, 2019

Program Completion (Graduation) Rates

2017 94.7%
2018 90.0%
Two-year average: 92.35%

Source: CAPTE Annual Accreditation Report, 2019

Employment Rates

Employment in physical therapy (full-time or part-time) within six months of passing the licensure exam.

2017 100%
2018 100%
Two-year average: 100%

Source: graduate surveys

Why you should choose Delta

Impressive history

Delta's PTA program, started in 1976, is the second oldest in Michigan. We believe our vast experience over such a long time period is one reason why our students have such a great national exam pass rate – 100%!

Michigan & national association Involvement

Reach 100 graphicDelta College PTA students and faculty are actively involved with the Michigan Physical Therapy Association and the American Physical Therapy Association. 

Reach100 is a nationwide call to membership for PT and PTA students to demonstrate their commitment to APTA membership. Delta College has reached Gold Status with 90-99% Membership.

Student club & service projects

The PTA Student Club gets involved with our community with multiple service projects and professional involvement.

Things like giving free assistive devices to community members, attending state and national conferences, volunteering at local community events and raising awareness for health-related causes are just a few examples of club activities.

Transfer opportunities

One of the very best things about Delta College is your ability to start here and go on. And, in the process, save thousands (and thousands) of dollars. It's a smart choice!

In fact, if you're interested in earning a bachelor's degree, you have several options by coming to Delta first, and then transferring.


Facts & Figures

100 percent

100% of recent PTA graduates are currently employed.

97 percent

97% of PTA grads passed their national licensure exam last year.

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"The PTA program at Delta is a very close-knit group, where you get a lot of one-on-one learning experiences, with instructors passionate about patients."

Kassie Nichole Goss
Physical Therapist Assistant graduate