Testing Services

The Delta College Testing Center provides exam administration and related services to future students, current students and community members. We offer both on campus and remote testing options. 

In addition to placement and course testing, we offer experience for credit testing such as Credit by Exam, Advanced Placement, CLEP and others. You'll also find many certification and licensure testing options, such as WorkKeys, GED and more.


We are happy to announce a new academic-focused service, In-Classroom Proctoring Assistance. Please see the section on Other Academic services below for further information. 

Course Testing

We are excited to announce our transition to using TracCloud for individual academic testing. This system has many user-friendly features that will help streamline the academic testing process, including: 

    • Single Sign-on (SSO) integrated with Delta's systems, so you (and your students) never have to remember another set of login credentials;
    • Student look-up tied to your courses and sections, making it easier to submit/coversheets/instructions;
    • Automated emails at every stage of the process, helping keep you informed of your students' progress;
    • and many, many more.

Testing Set Up

    • Please use TracCloud to submit your coversheet. Once submitted, your student will automatically be sent the link to schedule their appointment.
      • If you have a student who will be taking several pre-planned tests throughout the semester, you have the option of filling out the "Reoccurring Exams" form, rather than the "Exam Coversheet" form. This allows you to submit one form for the whole semester, rather than one for each exam. Please note that you will not receive notification emails when the student completes each test with this option. 
    • For online exams, nothing more is needed. For paper exams, please use our secure drop box to submit the test electronically, or drop off in person. Public Safety will also accept paper exams outside of our normal business hours. 


We offer both in-person services on the main campus and remote proctoring services via Zoom. Students who are unable to test in-person are encouraged to take advantage of our remote proctoring options. Remote appointments are available to all students unless specifically prohibited by the instructor. 

In-person appointments are scheduled via TracCloud. Students wishing to take an academic exam remotely should reach out to us via email (testingcenter@delta.edu) for further assistance. 

Testing Windows

    • In order to give students greater scheduling flexibility, please allow multiple days (i.e., one full week) to complete an indivual exam. 
    • All exams will close at the end of the business day (as opposed to various times throughout the day).


    • Homework is not accepted in the Testing Center.
    • If faculty are unable to meet with their class for testing, it is the division's responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for a substitute. 
    • We adhere to the same COVID-19 safety protocols as the rest of the college for proctoring academic tests.
    • In some cases, our certification vendors may have stricter protocols (such as requiring 6 feet between candidates, masking, etc.) that we are required to follow in order to continuing offering their exams. 

Need help?

Below is a video walk-through and written instructions for using the TracCloud system.  If you need any further assistance with TracCloud, please let us know; we'd be happy to help! You may reach us at 989-686-9182 or testingcenter@delta.edu.

Other Academic Services

Lab Overflow Testing

If your course has more students than will fit into your testing space/lab, please use the guidelines above to submit a coversheet for the affected students. 

Prior-Knowledge Assessments

The Testing Center is available to administer prior-knowledge assessments for courses requiring them. Please be sure to give an exam window of at least one week. In addition to the above procedures through TracCloud, please notify us via email at testingcenter@delta.edu.

In-Classroom Proctoring Assistance

We also offer in-classroom proctoring assistance. If you are interested, please fill out the In-Classroom Testing Assistance Form. Some guidelines include:

  • Testing must take place at one time, in one location. 
  • The service is first come, first serve, and subject to our schedule availability. 
  • We ask that every effort be made to find a replacement instructor if possible. 

Certification exams for Delta courses

Many programs at Delta include certification as a part of their graduation requirements. Current certification exam information can be found on our Certification and Licensure Page. If you are interested in having the Testing Center offer a certification or licensure exam for your program, please reach out to our coordinator, Brooke  Baker at brookebaker2@delta.edu for further assistance. 

Experience for Credit

Looking for Credit-by-Exam, CLEP or other credit for experience options? Visit our Experience for Credit page for more information. 

Course Placement

For information on course placement, please visit our page for future students. 

The Delta College Testing Center seeks to provide high quality testing services that promote the intellectual growth of students, graduates, professionals and members of the community. We strive to administer tests in a secure, pleasant, accommodating, accessible and technologically advanced environment with the goal of promoting satisfaction and facilitating academic and professional success.

We subscribe to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Professional Standards and Guidelines and are committed to maintain the highest compliance with nationally recognized professional testing standards and practices.