Student Employment Separations

Students are hired on a semester-to-semester basis. An employing department may release a student employee at the end of a semester without providing a reason. Supervisors wishing to terminate a student mid semester must contact the Human Resources Office prior to termination in order to assure the student due process.

    • It is required that student employees put forth their best efforts in attendance and performance. If a student will be absent from work, for whatever reason, they must contact their supervisor. Excessive absenteeism, being late or not calling in may be grounds for termination of employment.
    • Students can be terminated immediately for a serious offense such as stealing, violence or breach of confidentiality.
    • Students are expected to keep confidential all information regarding other students and employees that they may have access to. Failure to adhere to this rule will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
    • Students wishing to resign should notify their immediate supervisor at least two weeks prior to terminating their employment. This is good employment practice and should be carried out whenever possible.
    • Under the terms of the Michigan Employment Security Act, Delta College  students are excluded from Unemployment Compensation coverage. Any specific questions related to unemployment compensation should be directed to the Human Resources Office.
    • When a student is separating employment, whether termination or resignation, a Student Termination Form needs to be completed and turned into the Student Finance office.
    • Copies of the resignation/termination letter should be sent to HR for the student’s file.
    • A student may also be terminated due to lack of eligibility. Student Finance will run a report to monitor student credits, however it is also the student/supervisors responsibility to be aware of eligibility requirements (Reference: Minimum Enrollment Requirements). HR will notify supervisors to submit a Student Employee Termination form should your student be terminated due to lack of eligibility. Supervisors, please be in communication with your student to monitor their credits.