Student Employment Hiring Process

  1. Each department must have a budget allocation for student employment before hiring students. The department/division head or hiring manager is responsible for student employment budgets.
  2. To post a student position for the upcoming semester please submit your job description along with number of requesting positions to the Human Resources Office for approval.
  3. Review applicant pool and select student candidates for interview.
  4. Select Finalist
    • Inform student that in order to be considered as a finalist they need to go to Human Resources to receive and complete a background check and new hire payroll packet.
  5. Complete a Student Hiring form and either send with student to HR or email to
  6. Once you have received notification from Human Resources via email that the student is set to begin work, offer employment to student and finalize schedule.
  7. Notify Human Resources to close job posting.
  8. Notify students that were interviewed that the position has been filled. Refer students to the Student Employment webpage to view other available postings.
  1. Once the job description has been reviewed and approved by the Manager of Recruitment, HR will post the position on the Student Employment webpage. There students can submit their application materials to jobs of interest and hiring managers can review postings and applicants.
  2. Conducts background checks.
  3. When the completed new hire packet is received, HR will email the hiring manager to notify them that their student is ready to begin employment. Student cannot begin to work until paperwork is completed and supervisor receives email from Human Resources with start date listed.
  1. Complete profile and review job postings on the Student Employment webpage.
  2. Submit application materials to the position of interest; hiring manager will contact the student if they are selected for interview.
  3. Go to Human Resources to:
    • Complete background check authorization form; final selection for hire is contingent upon completion of background.
    • Receive new hire payroll packet.
  4. Return completed payroll packet to Human Resources along with required I9 documentation.


To increase your chances of hiring the best candidate, have a clear understanding of minimum skills,
attitudes, and work habits needed for the job as well as any training you plan to provide. Formulate your
interview questions ahead of time, and ask each candidate the same set of questions. Some examples
might include:

    • Why are you interested in this job?
    • What are some of your favorite high school or college courses?
    • Describe your work experience and include any volunteering opportunities.
    • How do you approach any given assignment/project?
    • What specific skills do you have that would help in this job?

Questions that do not reflect an applicant’s ability to perform your job should not be asked. Topics to
avoid include: marital status, number of children, age of candidate, arrest records, military discharge,
religion, social organizations, etc., as these do not directly relate to work skills or availability. Instead,
ask them to discuss specific skills that relates to the job and if they are available to work the hours as
listed in the job description. You may also contact Human Resources with questions regarding
the College’s hiring practices.

Don’t forget to explain the job fully to applicants, sell your department to them, and notify those you do
not hire as soon as possible. You may also want to ask for and check references.