Registrar's Resources for Faculty

We are here to help faculty and staff so that we can all help our students. On this page you'll find helpful resources.

Important dates

The Academic Calendar (PDF) provides official dates and deadlines for various activities such as registration, payment deadlines, and financial aid census dates. 

Please note for the Winter 2022 term, the payment deadline has been changed from Tuesday, December 14 at 6pm.  

Instructor intiated drops

The instructor intiated drop form is for instructors who wish to drop a student from their class. This form is available all semester, however during the first couple of weeks of a semester, we ask that you utilize the Non-Attendance Form (below) if you have students who have never attended your class or contacted you.  

Instructor intiated drops may be submitted through the 80% mark of the specific section. 

The non-attendance verification form  is only available for the first couple of weeks of each semester. After the form is turned off for a given term, all drops will be processed through the Instructor Initiated Drop form above.    

This form is used in an effort to help reduce money Delta has to repay to the Federal government for students who receive financial aid but do not attend their classes.   The Attendance Verification Form is for full- and part-time faculty to report and drop any student(s) who has/have not attended class or been in contact with you for the current semester.