Registrar's Resources for Faculty

We are here to help faculty and staff so that we can all help our students. On this page you'll find helpful resources.

Important dates

The Academic Calendar (PDF) provides official dates and deadlines for various activities such as registration, payment deadlines and financial aid census dates. 

Check the lnk below for important dates related to refund period, non-attendance drop periods, and student withdrawal deadlines. 


Instructor initiated never attended drops

During the initial nonattendance reporting period, a Faculty member shall drop any student who has never attended class, according to federal guidelines. Faculty must use the  instructor initiated never attended drop form to drop a student from their class during the nonattendance period. The nonattendance period corresponds to the refund period for the course.

Dropping students who do not attend or communicate with you helps reduce money Delta has to repay to the Federal government for students who receive financial aid but do not attend their classes.  

Early Alert

A Faculty member may initiate an academic intervention to Student Educational Services (SES) for a student who has missed an excessive number of class hours or exhibits other difficulties through the Early Alert system.

Submit an Early Alert