Grading Information

We are here to help faculty and staff so that we can all help our students. On this page you'll find helpful resources regarding grading.

Final grades are due the Tuesday after a class ends 

Grades for courses ending prior to Friday at 11:59pm are to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office no later than the following Tuesday by 2pm. Grades for courses ending on Saturday or Sunday will be due no later than the second Tuesday after the course ends by 2pm. All courses ending the last week of the term will have until 2pm the following Tuesday to report grades to the Registrar’s Office.

Having final grades submitted on time is vitally important for the Financial Aid and Registrar's Offices to be able to complete end of term processing in a timely manner before the next semester starts. 

The Important Semester Dates link below provides the specific deadlines for course sections each term.


If a student is showing a status of ‘Dropped” and no grade is assigned that means the student dropped within the refund period and no grade should be assigned.

Once a grade selection is made, the system automatically updates – there is no Save button.

Last Date of Attendance

When completing your grading process, please remember to enter the Last Date of Attendance for students who received an I, F or W grade in your class. Use MM/DD/YYYY format. If a student received an I, F, or W grade in your class, the Last Date of Attendance message will automatically display for you to enter the last date the student attended.

Any questions or concerns regarding the Last Date of Attendance policies and procedures should be directed to Kristine Burch (Financial Aid Office) at extension 9375. You can also learn more about what constitute attendance on the Financial Aid site

Incomplete Grades

An instructor may assign an Incomplete grade if the student has not fulfilled all course requirements by the final grades deadline for the course. An Incomplete is a temporary grade given only when the student work has been of acceptable quality near the end of the course, but the required amount has not been completed because of reasons satisfactory to the instructor.

The incomplete grade, last date of attendance, and expiration date must be assigned on the roster in Faculty Self-Service. An Incomplete grade form must also be submitted to the Registrar's Office when the incomplete is assigned.

    • For Fall courses, incomplete grades are due to the Registrar's Office to be converted by April 1st of the following year.
    • For Winter and Spring/Summer courses, incomplete grades are due to the Registrar's Office to be converted by December 1st of current year.
    • In exceptional circumstances, additional time may be granted for completion of course work by written notification from the instructor to the Registrar.

Once the student completes their coursework and you have a final grade to assign submit an Incomplete Grade form as a Conversion to update their grade. This must be submitted prior to the expiration date for the incomplete grade. 

If an incomplete grade is assigned and a conversion form is not submitted by the expiration date, the I grade will auto-convert to an F grade. A grade change form would then be needed to update it. 

Grade Change Procedure

Once recorded by the Registrar’s Office, grades will be changed only if an official Grade change form is submitted online by the instructor and approved by the appropriate academic Dean. The Grade change form must be received no later than one year following grade issuance. This policy does not apply to grade changes under consideration via the Disputed Grade Policy.