1. A student or employee of Delta College who suspects or knows of wrongful conduct by a Delta College employee should share questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints with a Delta College administrator who can address them properly. “Wrongful conduct” is defined as a violation of federal, state, or local law or ordinance, or Delta College policies, rules or regulations.  In many cases the employee’s supervisor or the academic Associate Dean of the division in which the student’s concern arose is in the best position to address the issue.  If the person reasonably believes that such a discussion would be futile, or if the person is not satisfied with the response, s/he should take the concerns to one of the offices listed below, which will investigate and address the concern as appropriate.
      1. Academic misconduct – Office of Academic Affairs
      2. Athletics matters – Vice President of Student and Educational Services
      3. Criminal matters – Delta College Public Safety
      4. Employment matters – Human Resources
      5. Discrimination matters – Equity Office
      6. Financial matters – Finance Office
      7. Legal matters – General Counsel
      8. Student matters – Vice President of Student and Educational Services
    2. Supervisors and Associate Deans who receive complaints of wrongful conduct are required to report them to the appropriate office listed above.
    3.  An alternative method to report concerns is to contact the College’s Anonymous Reporting Line at 989-758-3619.
    4. The investigation will provide the respondent with notice and an opportunity to respond.
    5. Confidentiality will be provided to the person(s) raising the concern, and to respondent(s), to the extent possible consistent with carrying out necessary and meaningful investigation and in compliance with law. All participants in any investigation shall maintain appropriate confidentiality, and failure to do so may be the subject of disciplinary action.
    6. Any retaliatory action of any kind taken by any College employee or student against the individual(s) bringing forward a good faith concern, or against any individual(s) cooperating in the investigation, will be the subject of disciplinary action.
    7. False and malicious complaints will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Disciplinary action is not appropriate when complaints are made in good faith, even if erroneous.

Cross reference locations
See College-Wide Board Approved Policies Board Policy - 8.003 Whistleblower Reporting.

Revision/review date
12/14, 9/17