Process for Procedures Manual Review & Comment

    1. The purposes of this Process for Procedures Review and Comment are (1) to make affected individuals and groups aware of new procedures and changes in procedures, and/or (2) to solicit input.

    2. Procedures may originate from several sources, including the Senate, FEC, ECAPS, SSEC, Executive Council, Academic Council, and other College groups and individuals.

    3. Collegewide procedures and procedures developed as a result of a Senate policy require the College President's approval. Departmental procedures require the approval of the department's Executive staff member (VP of Academi, VP of SES, VP of Business and Finance, Exec. Dir. of Institutional Advancement). Other procedures require the approval of either the College President or the appropriate Executive staff member, at the discretion of the College President.

    4. In some cases, a procedure may need to be approved and then circulated for information, review and comment. In other cases, the proposed procedure or the idea for a proposed procedure may be circulated for review and comment before it is approved and implemented. The decision as to which process will be followed will be the responsibility of the person who has the final authority to approve the procedure.

    5. When new procedures or revisions to existing procedures are proposed, initiator(s) will identify the author(s), origination date and rationale and submit an electronic copy to the Senate Office who will solicit input from the appropriate workgroups, such as:

Affected group Notification through
All employees Delta L, Daily Difference, and the Senate website
Senate policies SEB, Faculty-L
Faculty FEC
Support Staff SSEC
      • Input will go back to the initiator(s) for revisions as needed.
    1. The procedures, with revisions and summary of comments, will then be submitted to the appropriate approver who may reaffirm, revise, cancel, suspend or approve the procedures and notifies the initiator(s).

    2. Initiator(s) are responsible for submitting the final procedure to the Senate Office. The Senate Office will then provide the proper notification.

    3. Notification of all approved procedures will normally take place within five business days with a link to the Procedures Manual.

    4. The Procedures Manual is the official site for all approved procedures. Departments which wish to post their procedures to their web sites must do so by linking to the Procedures Manual.

    5. The Procedures Committee will serve as a resource to help with procedures if necessary.