Tuition Waiver Program


 The Tuition Waiver Program is an employee fringe benefit program that provides for the waiver of Delta College tuition and registration fees for academic classes for eligible students, defined as follows:

    1. Full-time regular employees, their spouses and their dependent children*
    2. Retired full-time regular employees, their spouses and their dependent children*
    3. Spouses (who have not remarried) and dependent children* of deceased full-time regular employees who died while employed
    4. Full-time temporary employees (including one- and two-semester appointment instructors)
    5. Part-time regular employees (not including adjunct instructors, general laborers and food service part-time employees)

*In accordance with IRS regulations for purposes of this employee benefit, a dependent child is defined as a son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, adopted son, adopted daughter, or eligible foster child who is under the age of 24 as of the end of the tax year. Such dependent must meet the IRS requirements to be a qualifying child for tax purposes. A dependent child of divorced parents is treated as the dependent of both parents.


 Eligible students must be admitted to Delta College and registered in classes for each semester in which the Tuition Waiver benefit is to be applied.

Refer to the Tuition Waiver Program and FAQ’s for detailed procedures and important information regarding the Program.

In order for the tuition and registration fees to be waived, students must complete the academic classes with a grade of C (2.0) or better, or for classes taken as Pass/No Credit, with a Pass grade (P). Class in which the student receives a grade of C-, D+, D, D- or F, has withdrawn or receives a withdrawal grade (W or WI), or receives a No Credit grade (NC) are not covered under the Tuition Waiver Program. Classes taken as audited, which receive a grade X, also are not covered.

Benefits under this program begin on the first day that the eligible employee begins working.

The student and the employee must both complete the Tuition Waiver Program Agreement (PDF) to apply for waiver each semester.

Full/part-time regular employees

Revision/review dates
8/12, 10/2017