Payroll & Benefits

The Payroll Office processes both employee and student payroll, which is processed on a bi-weekly basis with payroll checks issued every other week on alternating Fridays. 

Payroll dates

Pay # Pay Period Timesheets Due Pay Date
1 06/17/23 - 06/30/23 06/27/23 7/7/23
4th of July
2 07/01/23 - 07/14/23 07/14/23 7/21/23
3 07/15/23 - 07/28/23 07/28/23 8/4/23
4 07/29/23 - 08/11/23 08/11/23 8/18/23
5 08/12/23 - 08/25/23 08/25/23 9/1/23
6 08/26/23 - 09/08/23 09/08/23 9/15/23
7 09/09/23 - 09/22/23 09/22/23 9/29/23
8 09/23/23 - 10/06/23 10/06/23 10/13/23
9 10/07/23 - 10/20/23 10/20/23 10/27/23
10 10/21/23 - 11/03/23 11/03/23 11/10/23
11 11/04/23 - 11/17/23 11/16/23 11/24/23 
12 11/18/23 - 12/01/23 12/01/23 12/8/23
13 12/02/23 - 12/15/23 12/15/23 12/22/23
14 12/16/23 - 12/29/23 12/29/23 1/5/24
15 12/30/23 - 01/12/24 01/11/24 1/19/24
16 01/13/24 - 01/26/24 01/26/24 2/2/24
17 01/27/24 - 02/09/24 02/09/24 2/16/24
18 02/10/24 - 02/23/24 02/23/24 3/1/24
19 02/24/24 - 03/08/24 03/08/24 3/15/24
20 03/09/24 - 03/22/24 03/22/24 3/29/24
21 03/23/24 - 04/05/24 04/05/24 4/12/24
22 04/06/24 - 04/19/24 04/19/24 4/26/24
23 04/20/24 - 05/03/24 05/03/24 5/10/24
24 05/04/24 - 05/17/24 05/17/24 5/24/24
25 05/18/24 - 05/31/24 05/31/24 6/7/24
26 06/01/24 - 06/14/24 06/14/24 6/21/24

Payment methods 

Delta College offers an electronic method of payment through Direct Deposit to the bank of your choosing or, if you prefer, a Money Network debit card. You will have access to an electronic earnings statement through Self-Service detailing your gross pay, taxes, deductions and net pay deposited into your account.

Paycheck earn type

Your earnings statement may have one or more of the following earn types listed on it. The table below will help identify what type of earnings you have received.

    • AW - Employee Award
    • BP - Bonus Pay
    • EA - Extra Assignment
    • MP - Miscellaneous Pay Adjustment
    • OT - Overtime Earnings
    • RE - Regular Earnings
    • RP - Retroactive Pay
    • RT - Retiree Earnings
    • SF - Supplemental Fall
    • SL - Sabbatical Leave
    • SP - Supplemental Spring
    • SS - Supplemental Summer
    • SU - Substitute Pay
    • SW - Supplemental Winter
    • VA - Vacation Payout
    • SICK - Sick
    • VACA - Vacation
    • BRVM - Bereavement
    • COMP - Compensation Time
    • JRDT - Jury Duty
    • PERS - Personal Time

Payroll frequently asked questions

See the payroll dates calendar above. 

Normally, time sheets are due by 11:59 pm Friday the week before payday. However, they are generally due earlier when the college will be closed for a holiday. 

Michigan law requires that all full-time and part-time Delta College employees belong to the MPSERS (Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System) retirement pension plan. These deductions for MPSERS along with contributions from Delta College are invested into an account on your behalf. Full-time Faculty and Administrative Professional personnel are given the option to participate in the MPSERS plan or the College's Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) which is administered by TIAA.

Vacation and sick leave information is shown on your earnings statement. Leave plan balances are also available on web time sheets in Employee Self Service to view on the Leave tile of Self-Service under Employee Overview.

It takes approximately one full payroll cycle for a new direct deposit or a change to your original direct deposit to go into effect. Please note: It is your sole responsibility to immediately notify the Payroll Office of any changes to your direct deposit information to prevent a delay in pay.

Direct deposit forms are available under the Resources section of this page. Completed forms are to be returned to the Payroll Office (B-118).

Delta College is required by law to provide W-2's by January 31 of each year. Whenever possible, we try to have them available sooner. An email will be sent to notify employees when they are available. 

Please notify the Finance Office at 989-686-9390 that a replacement W-2 form is needed. It will be printed and mailed within three business days. Personal identification will be required if you wish to pick up your replacement W-2 in person.

Federal, Michigan and City of Saginaw income tax forms are available under the Resources section of this page. Completed forms are to be returned to the Payroll Office (B-118).

Student employees receive minimum wage.

Employees should contact the Human Resources Office at 989-686-9107. Prompt notification of an address change will help eliminate delays in receipt of your  W-2 form.


Benefits frequently asked questions

Any regular full-time or part-time employee can participate in this benefit. Student employees are not eligible to participate. 

Contact any of the College's current 403(b) vendors to determine your retirement needs and help you establish an account. Our current 403(b) vendors are listed on this document. Participants are permitted to participate with multiple 403(b) vendors. Once an account is established with a vendor, contact Jeanne Doyle in the Finance Office at 686-9390 to begin your payroll deduction. You will need to complete a Salary Redirection Agreement to begin making contributions to your account.

There are three types of 403(b) contribution limits: basic limit (for any participant in the plan), years-of-service catch-up (for individuals employed at Delta College 15 or more years who have contributed, on average, less than $5,000 per year) and age-based catch-up (for individuals aged 50 years and over). Please contact Jeanne Doyle at 989-686-9390, or email her at to get the contribution limits allowed for the current calendar year.

Simply fill out a new Salary Reduction Agreement requesting the new amount you would like to contribute to your 403(b) account. The agreement can be filled in online, but it must be printed, signed and dated before it is submitted. Return your completed agreement to Jeanne Doyle in the Finance Office at B-118. Please limit your changes to no more than four per year.

You may directly access your account balance on WebAdvisor for Employees, Employee Profile. Balances are found under the MyPDA Balance link. If you have any problems accessing this information, please call Jeanne Doyle at 989-686-9390 or Angela Cramer at 989-686-9578. 

PDA guidelines and a comprehensive list of PDA frequently asked questions are located on the Business Office web site.

The PDA reimbursement procedures are located in the PDA section of the Senate Procedures Manual.


Adjunct faculty, or temporary full-time academic faculty, are eligible for up to $300 per semester for approved academic or LifeLong Learning courses. In order to be eligible, the applicant must have taught a minimum of one semester within the past two years. Please refer to the Adjunct Faculty Grant Application (available in J-102/ Instructional Support Services) for further details.

Yes. You can pick up the Staff Tuition Reimbursement Form application from your supervisor. For more information, refer to the agreement between Delta College and AFFCME, AFL-CIO, Local Union No. 845 Council 25 (Facilities Management).

Yes. You can pick up the Food Services Tuition Reimbursement Form application from your supervisor. For more information, refer to the agreement between Delta College and AFSCME, AFL-CIO, Local Union No. 845 Council 25 (Food Services).