Personnel Files


The Director of Human Resources shall be responsible for seeing that the personnel files for all employees are kept up to date and are appropriately secure.  The Human Resources Office shall be responsible for carrying out the appropriate procedures.


    1. Delta College shall maintain personnel files for Faculty, Administrative/Professional, Support Staff, Food Service, Maintenance, and all other employees; and all such files shall be maintained in the Human Resources Office.
    2. An employee shall make a request in writing to the Human Resources Office to examine his/her personnel file. The request form (PDF) is available on the Human Resources Inside Delta website.
    3. An employee shall have access to his/her official personnel file, the only exclusion being confidential pre-employment recommendations. This may be done during regular office hours, provided there shall be no undue interference with the normal routine of the office. Under no circumstances shall the official personnel file be removed from the Human Resources Office by the employee. The employee's access to the file shall be only in the presence of the Human Resources Director or his/her designee in the Human Resources Office.
    4. An employee shall have the right to make additions or responses to the material contained in the official personnel file, i.e., added educational experience or letters of commendation as he/she shall deem necessary, but he/she shall not have the right to remove material from the file.
    5. At the employee's request, the Human Resources Office shall reproduce any material in his/her personnel file except confidential pre-employment credentials, statements, and inquiries. A fee shall be charged, but the fee shall be limited to Delta's actual cost of duplicating at the College rate per page.
    6. Neither anonymous material nor written disciplinary notice shall be placed in an employee's personnel file unless the employee is sent a copy.
    7. In addition to the individual employee, access to official personnel files shall be open only to supervisors, Human Resources Office, others whose specific functions require such access, and to supervisors where the employee has applied for another position.
    8. No one else at the College shall have access to the official personnel file of an employee without the express written approval of the employee.
    9. The confidential pre-employment recommendations may not be used for subsequent personnel action at Delta College without the express written approval of the employee.
    10. Each employee shall be notified if his/her official personnel file is duly subpoenaed in accordance with law.
    11. The Human Resources Office shall be responsible for reviewing these regulations periodically and making appropriate recommendations for their updating

All Delta College employees.

Revision/review dates
1/11, 07/17, 9/21