Administrative Professional and Support Staff Teaching


The primary responsibility of A/P and Support staff is the performance of assigned job accountabilities.  Staff members also participate in a variety of professional activities that contribute significantly to the life of the College.  A/P and Support staff qualified to teach Delta courses are recognized as an important resource.  Accordingly, it is expected that supervisors will make a good faith effort to accommodate requests by their staff to teach.  Executive Staff supervisors will provide immediate supervisors with guidelines to assure that their decisions are consistent with Policies listed in the A/P and Support Staff Handbook.


    1. Staff who wish to apply for teaching assignments should first consult with their immediate supervisor. Approval requires that all concerns regarding performance of the staff member's job accountabilities be resolved. If the request is approved, a written agreement will be drafted specifying how normal duties and teaching assignments will be managed, and any restrictions on when teaching can occur, and the number of equated credit hours that can be taught. Approval must be received for each academic year. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure approval is on file in the Human Resources Office prior to accepting a teaching assignment.
    2. The written agreement must be signed by the staff member, their immediate supervisor and Executive Staff supervisor.  The approved agreement will be forwarded to the Human Resources Office. Only those staff members with written agreements on file in the Human Resources office can be considered for teaching assignments.
    3. The written agreement will be reviewed at least once each year as part of the staff member's evaluation and may be modified (as described in 1 above). The agreement may be suspended or terminated at any time by the staff member or the immediate supervisor, as circumstances require, at which time teaching of any class which has not yet commenced will be suspended until a new agreement is in place.  Only very unusual circumstances will justify removal of a staff member from a class which has already begun.  The supervisor will notify the Human Resources Office and the appropriate Executive Staff supervisor of any change in the agreement.
    4. Assignments will be offered to staff at the discretion of the academic office responsible for hiring faculty. Staff members will notify their immediate supervisor of an offer and confirm that it is consistent with their written agreement prior to accepting the teaching assignment. Once a class has been assigned the staff member must provide their supervisor with a list of the class(es) they will be teaching including the day(s) and time of class meetings.
    5. The Human Resources Office will generate a “Non-Exempt Employee Teaching Policy Acknowledgement and Agreement” form to Support Staff employees for each semester taught in order to ensure Fair Labor Standards compliance for overtime pay.
    6. On rare occasions, staff may be asked to accept an emergency teaching assignment.  Arrangements for such assignments will be initiated by the Academic Office with the appropriate Executive Staff supervisor.  It is understood that emergency situations will not extend beyond the end date of the course (generally a single semester).
    7. During supplemental teaching employment, part time faculty may be absent 1/15 of class contact hours per assigned per semester, without any reduction in pay for division chair approved reasons. In the event of additional absences, the instructor will be docked at his/her hourly rate for the time missed. Division chair approved reasons typically include: illness, family crisis, military obligation, professional development and legal obligation. Reasons that are not approved include: vacation, having to work primary position or attending family events. These days do not accrue, nor do they apply to the person's regular assignment.
    8. Employees who are on sick leave must be released to their regular appointment before returning to supplemental teaching.
    9. Employees absent from work due to illness/accident are responsible for notifying their supervisor and/or division chair immediately.

Staff teaching assignments are approved in advance by the immediate supervisor. A written agreement will be on file in the Human Resources Office and will be reviewed at least once each year as part of the staff member's evaluation.

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