Sabbatical Leave

A sabbatical leave is a privilege provided to eligible employees for study, research or other creative activity with reciprocal advantage to the college and the individual. 

Examples of sabbatical leave

Research and other scholarly activity

 This category may include pure and applied research, creative activity, or other scholarly work that is a meaningful contribution to the applicant's field.

Program development 

The sabbatical leave may be used to collect materials for new programs, to develop new teaching techniques, new ways of presenting material, or to design new curricula for implementation at Delta. The individual may use the leave to establish partnerships to integrate potential Delta programs with other organizations, agencies, or institutions, or to survey what is being done at other institutions, as models for programs at Delta.

Professional development

The leave time may be used to work with recognized leaders in a field, participate in specialized programs, or pursue additional education through graduate or post-doctoral study to increase the individual’s effectiveness as a professional or usefulness to Delta.

Community services 

In line with the college's commitment to community service, the individual may use the sabbatical leave to help develop or work with programs at the local, state, national, or international level by evaluating and working for the improvement of existing programs, training personnel in such programs, serving in professional organizations, editing professional journals, or organizing professional meetings.