Promotion of Full-Time Faculty

The Policy for Promotion and Tenure of Full-Time Faculty is defined by one of two memorandum of understandings. Each of the academic divisions have established and documented procedures for review and recommendation of candidates at the division level. The candidates that are recommended by their divisions are reviewed at a meeting convened by the VP of Instruction and Learning Services and chaired by the Dean of Teaching and Learning.  

The process

Faculty who wish to be evaluated may use these tools to begin the process:  

Step 1: Review Memorandum of Understanding to understand policy on promotion and tenure for full-time faculty

Step 2: Contact your Associate Dean

Each Division has an established procedure you and your Peer Review Committee (PRC) will need to adhere to as you pursue promotion and tenure consideration.  You can obtain a copy of your Division's procedure from your Associate Dean. Below is a list of Academic Office documentation and forms that you will need as you prepare.

Step 3: Put together your promotion and tenure packet

Complete the Application for Consideration for Promotion or Tenure

Your Promotion and Tenure Packet should include: 

Step 4: After division review of the packet

Prior to submitting your packet to the Associate Dean, your Associate Dean will need to complete a recommendation with supporting rationale (PDF)