Risk Management

Risk Management is provided through Facilities Management. The goal is to assist departments in identifying various risks from people, assets and fiscal and strategic operations. Risk Management provides guidance on risk-related matters and assists in mitigating the college's total cost of risk.

Latex-safe product use

Delta College is a latex-free campus and requires that only latex-safe gloves, balloons and promotional products be used on the premises to avoid potential risks and allergic reactions to employees, students and visitors. This includes off-campus centers and Delta-sponsored events. Contact Business Services for assistance on ordering these products.


College Proof of Liability Coverage

Request of Proof of Liability Coverage may be made by emailing facilities@delta.edu. College coverage is limited to Delta employees and students (under certain circumstances). Coverage documents are only issued after a complete review. Please allow 24 hours to process.

Requests should include:

    • Contract with language requesting insurance limits
    • Complete name and address of business requesting coverage

Universal (eWaste) waste disposal

For compliance, safety and liability purposes, college-owned and college-generated materials for disposal must be processed through the appropriate college waste streams. Delta contracts with local companies for the recycling of universal (eWaste) waste, materials of a sensitive nature that require data destruction before reuse or recycling, and those including potential hazardous waste materials.

Included items (but not limited to) are:

    • Batteries
    • Cell phones
    • Computer components
    • Computer media (CDs, etc.)
    • Electronics
    • Lamps/lighting
    • Printer cartridges

All requests for disposal should be submitted through the TMA Work Order System. If needed, a Facilities staff member can meet with you to review materials and to determine the most appropriate and environmentally friendly method of disposal.

Non-employee injury and emergency guidelines 

A non-employee includes students, clients and visitors. Injury situations include accident and premise exposures, auto and shop/lab accidents and clinical situations. These guidelines are meant to advise on how to handle and react to emergency and injury situations to reduce potential liability.

All incidents should be reported to Public Safety.

For Non-emergencies, dial 989-686-9113, and for emergencies dial, 989-686-9111. 

Review the complete guidelines

Student activity waivers

Delta College seeks to promote safe participation in college-sponsored events and activities occurring both on campus and beyond the boundaries of the college's property by employees and students. This might include field trips, service learning, internships, study abroad and athletic team competitions and training. Activities including student travel must follow the Student and Group Travel Guidelines which can be found using the link below.

Questions? Contact 989-495-4016.

Activity waiver forms:

See complete student travel guidelines