Special Event Signage

The use of interior, ceiling-installed banners is limited to the announcement of special events. 

Special events are considered activities sponsored by a Delta College service area or planning group and are intended to serve the general college population. Banners are not to be substituted for wayfinding or service announcements. Special event banners are for short-term announcements prior to and including the event date and are not meant to serve as a general celebratory message. 

Banner requests

Two options are available for ordering banners:

    • Delta College Printing Services prints single-sided banners on lightweight vinyl. To provide a two-sided message, two separate banners must be ordered and installed back-to-back. A minimum lead time of three days for standard layout and five days if design work is required.
    • Local company services are available but they must have the ability to meet the guideline standards listed in this document. Facilities Management and Marketing will suggest local companies and assist in the order specification. Minimum lead time is dependent on the company. Requester will complete a requisition using standard purchasing procedure.

When requesting a ceiling-installed banner, the following considerations should be made:

    • Eliminate the obvious (college name, year) whenever possible to allow for longevity and future use.
    • Use abbreviations for date, time or location while being sensitive to possible misinterpretation.
    • Avoid using jargon that will lose meaning on the reader.
    • Although the American Disability Act (ADA) does not mandate font style or text size, consider the visually impaired by
      increasing the main text line (name of function/event) and keeping font style simple and clean.
    • Use a banner announcement with less detail, then follow up with other media pieces for more specific information
      (flyers, sign stands, sandwich display, public posting boards, Delta Daily, Collegiate).

For additional direction regarding event marketing, contact Marketing & Public Information.

Order specifications


ADA requires walks, halls, corridor, passageways, aisles or other circulation spaces to have 80” minimum headroom clearance from floor to bottom of signage. Therefore, the maximum size for banners is 6’ L x 30” H.


Printing Services produces on white background only. Local vendors can produce on color background. If a green banner is preferred for a Delta specific event, it must be Delta green (PMS342).


If a banner with vinyl text is reused, the existing text must be removed by use of a special heat removal process by the vendor. The banner must meet size as listed above.


To prevent sagging and to ensure safe installation, banners must include grommet holes spaced no more than 18”inches apart with additional grommets at each corner.


Event signage is the responsibility of the requester unless other arrangements have been made.

Installation and removal of banners

All banners will be installed by Facilities Management only. Banners will be installed in the areas listed below to avoid interference with wayfinding, wing identification, air vents, exits, stairs, lighting, or emergency signs. Main corridor banners will be installed on the window side of halls using ceiling light grids only. Single-sided banners may be installed back-to-back with another event banners. All areas can accommodate two-sided banners with the exceptions as noted.

    • East main entrance  at Pioneer Gym
    • West main entrance at Pioneer Gym
    • Northeast main hall near E Wing
    • Northwest main hall near K Wing
    • Southwest main hall near A100
    • Southeast main hall near A100
    • Commons west above mezzanine planters
    • Commons east above mezzanine planters
    • F Wing lobby (single sided only)
    • M Wing Vending area near M150 (single sided only)

Banners will be displayed two weeks preceding an event. Requests for installation must be arranged one week before the installation date by calling 989-686-9240 or emailing facilities@delta.edu. At the earliest possible date following the event, Facilities Management will remove the signage and return it to the service area.