A pre-approval form must be processed and on file before any business-related travel takes place. If no pre-approval form has been granted, the College reserves the right to withhold any reimbursement to the employee.

Complete the Pre-Approval Travel Request Form

Getting there

Planes, trains and automobiles. Well, really just planes and cars. Should you drive or fly? Here are some guidelines that should help answer your trip transportation questions.

Air travel

Air travel arrangements should be made using Egencia, the online travel service for the college. Air travel arrangements made using any method other than Egencia must be paid first by the employee, and submitted with detailed receipt, on a Travel Expense Account form, upon conclusion of the trip.

In all cases, economy class of air travel will be used. Flights should be booked as far in advance as possible to get the most cost-effective rate. Any frequent flier miles accrued by an individual on college travel belong to the individual. The college does not reimburse for changes to scheduled air travel reservations due to personal preference, TSA Pre-Check, in-flight Wi-Fi, or flight upgrades.

Flights booked through Egencia

All employees are responsible for booking their own flights through the Egencia website at

First time users of Egencia must request a login from Business Services. Additionally, supervisors are responsible for approving their staff member's flight arrangements through the same online portal. Supervisors who have not used Egencia also need to contact Business Services to request a login. It is important that all users update their account to reflect their email address to ensure that they receive all updates regarding their flights.

Flights not booked through Egencia

Air travel booked through any method other than Egencia must be paid first by the employee and then submitted for reimbursement upon conclusion of the trip. To be reimbursed for air travel, the employee should complete the Travel Expense Account form and submit it with the supervisor/cost center manager's approval to Business Services. A copy of the paid receipt must be included.

Flight cancellations

It is the responsibility of the employee to make all cancellations and communicate to their supervisor that the event has been cancelled. If the trip is cancelled, the credit, if issued by the airlines, will be in the name of the traveler. It is the responsibility of the supervisor/cost center manager to see that this ticket is reissued for appropriate college travel within airline guidelines for ticket reissue, or to ensure that the college is reimbursed for the original cost of the ticket. In most cases, the credit for the airline is held for one year before it is invalid. Any cancellation fees charged to the college will be charged to the individual's cost center.

Checked bags

Delta College will reimburse the cost of baggage up to the amount of one bag each way. Receipts must be submitted for each purchase of baggage fees.

Flight/trip insurance

The college does not purchase or reimburse trip or flight insurance for any flight.

College-owned vehicles

The college has a limited number of pool cars available for use by employees on approved Delta business. These cars are generally used for same day travel and can be reserved directly by calling Facilities at 989-686-9240 at least 24 hours in advance.

When using a Delta College car, mileage is charged back to your cost center at the current IRS rate. College cars are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mileage and personal vehicle usage

The college reimburses mileage at the standard mileage rate established by the Internal Revenue Service, when an individual uses a personal vehicle for approved college business.


To be eligible for mileage reimbursement, only mileage beyond the normal daily commute may be reimbursed. "Normal daily commute" is the round trip distance from an employee's home to the main campus. If travel from home to the location is more than travel from home to the main campus, then only the excess mileage is reimbursable.

Delta College is considered a point of origin and end for the work day during which there may be approved travel.

Driving vs flying

If an employee elects to drive a personal vehicle as opposed to another mode of less expensive transportation for a trip of significant distance, the mode of transportation must be approved by the supervisor/cost center manager and Business Services prior to the trip. Mileage will be reimbursed at the current IRS rates up to the amount of the airline ticket and associated costs (i.e., airport parking, baggage fees, hotel parking, hotel/airport shuttle/taxi, etc.) as determined by Business Services. Additional expenses associated with driving, such as an overnight hotel, will not be reimbursed.

Rental cars

Delta College faculty/staff may not rent a vehicle at their travel destination without all of the following:

    • Prior written approval from their supervisor
    • Prior written approval from the Business Office
    • Documentation that vehicle rental is a less expensive mode of transportation compared to taxi, airport limo or airport shuttle
    • Documentation of a specific identified need

Upon the above written approvals, an employee may make their arrangements for a rental vehicle through Egencia or any other provider. When booking a rental vehicle through Egencia, the Delta College employee must pay for the rental upon pick-up and submit their receipt for reimbursement upon return. 

When a vehicle is rented in the employee's name, in accordance with Michigan law, all responsibility lies with the employee, even if on approved business and/or if the college has agreed to reimburse expenses. Individuals should check with their personal insurance agency to identify whether their insurance covers rental vehicles. 

Collision damage insurance is not reimbursable by the college. Any automobile accident when using a rental car while on college business must be reported immediately to the car rental agency and Business Services. The college does not reimburse for insurance.

It is the responsibility of the employee to make all cancellations and communicate to their supervisor that their travel plans have changed. Any cancellation fees charged to the college will be charged to the individual's cost center. 

Delta College faculty/staff will not be reimbursed for traffic violations or for "no show" charges. Verification of cancellation will be necessary in the event of a billing dispute. 

Delta College does not reimburse for rental car club membership programs.