A pre-approval form must be processed and on file before any business-related travel takes place. If no pre-approval form has been granted, the College reserves the right to withhold any reimbursement to the employee.

Complete the Pre-Approval Travel Request Form

Meal reimbursement

In compliance with IRS regulations, the college meal reimbursements are determined using the standard meal allowance method, establishing a set amount for daily meals.

Delta College meal expenses are deductible only if the travel includes an overnight stay. Recognizing that the employee incurs some eating expenses whether they are at work or home, the daily per diem rate is set as a percentage of what is allowed by the IRS. It is not set to reimburse to the full cost of the meals while traveling, but only to defray costs incurred.

Under the per diem allowance, Delta College will reimburse the employee at the college-approved reimbursement rate of $36 per day for meals ($44 in high cost cities - only the dinner allowance increases).  For travel occuring on or after January 1, 2023, the college-approved reimbursement rate is $42 per day for meals ($50 per day in high cost cities).

Receipts are not required for meals unless they are group meals or meals with customers or clients. In these instances, receipts must be maintained that provide the time, place and business purpose of the meal as well as the individuals in attendance at the meal. The detailed receipt (not the credit card summary receipt) must be submitted with your expense report with this information identified.

Meals, inclusive of tips, will be reimbursed at the rates identified below:

Meal Reimbursable amount Receipt, yes or no
Breakfast $7 ($9 beginning Jan 1, 2023) No
Lunch $11 ($13 beginning Jan 1, 2023) No
Dinner $18 ($20 beginning Jan 1, 2023) No
Dinner – High cost cities $26 ($28 beginning Jan 1, 2023) No
Group meals   Yes

Group dining

Groups of employees traveling together on Delta business are encouraged to obtain individual receipts for each meal. In the event there is a group meal in which one employees buys the meal for multiple Delta employees traveling on the trip, the employee submitting reimbursement must provide the names of all in attendance, as well as the detailed receipt.

Note that in some instances, an employee may need to buy a meal for a customer, contact, etc., as a cost of doing business. In these instances, in compliance with IRS guidelines, a detailed receipt (not credit card summary) must be submitted along with the documentation stating the name/company of the guest, the business purpose of the meal and the amount of time spent discussing business.

Meals will not be reimbursed if they were included as part of a registration fee that was paid for by Delta College. Employees should indicate on the Travel Expense Account form if a meal was included as part of the registration fee. Individuals may be required to submit a copy of the conference registration information indicating which meals are included.

No meals are reimbursed for single-day trips. Alcohol will not be reimbursed.  Any tips are included in the posted reimbursable amount.