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There’s a whole world of experience out there. Get yours!

With an internship (paid or not), you get the real-world work experience that will help you land a job when you graduate. Plus, you’ll be able to see whether the career path you think you want is really the one for you. 

We can help you find an internship that’s perfect for you. Contact the Academic Career Experience office.

Radiography students

What are the benefits?

  • Solve real-world problems and issues you won’t find in a classroom or a textbook. It’s invaluable experience.
  • Be more marketable when you graduate. Potential employers are more interested when you’ve already had experience.
  • Makes landing that first job easier.
  • You can test the waters. Be sure the career path you’re on is right for you.
  • Improve those people skills in a work setting. To be able to work well with others – that’s priceless.
  • Things like problem-solving, self-confidence and self-discipline are all signs of maturity – You gain that by experience.

"My internship has been one of the best experiences I have ever had.  It led me down the path to become a part of the service tech community."

Ryan N.