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You can get college credit while getting paid at a job you want to do when you graduate. Really, it’s true. That’s what co-op education is.

Awesome, huh?

Nursing Students

how it works

  • One year minimum commitment.
  • You need to enroll. Credit is through related Academic Career Experience (ACE) courses.
  • You’ll work 12 to 40 hours per week. Typically, students work about 20-25 hours around their class schedule.
  • Positions are with local businesses.

What are the benefits?

  • Apply classroom theory to real work experience.
  • Test the waters. Make sure you like a career before you’ve committed a lot of time and resources.
  • Be more marketable when you graduate. Potential employers are more interested when you’ve already had experience.
  • Get paid while you’re in school.
  • Things like problem-solving, self-confidence and self-discipline are all signs of maturity – You gain that by experience.
  • Improve those people skills in a work setting. To be able to work well with others – That’s priceless.

We can help you find a co-op experience that’s perfect for you. Contact the Academic Career Experience office.

SUCCESS TIP: Every experience is good experience. 

When it comes to your career path, don’t let the little opportunities pass you by. Even if that means volunteering for a weekend or taking an unpaid internship somewhere. Every experience along your career path is good experience.  

"Because of my co-op experience, I got to know and understand my field of work prior to being eligible to take classes specifically for my major."

C. Krause
ACE 201W Student, Fall 2016