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Delta College program spotlight: Surgical Technology

May 1, 2024

Delta College surgical technology students performing a surgery simulation in a lab

If you’re interested in a rewarding career in healthcare that you can begin in as little as two years, you’ve come to the right place!

Delta College has dozens of available associate’s degree and certificate programs related to the healthcare field, including the coveted surgical technology program. This program was established at Delta in 1974 and has continued to advance through the years, keeping pace with the everchanging landscape of the healthcare field. The program adapts to area hospital needs and supplies students with renovated simulation spaces and state-of-the-art equipment for hands-on learning, like the anatomage table — the world’s first life-size virtual dissection table! Students leave feeling well-prepared and excited to begin their careers.

“I feel so comfortable and so confident because of this program,” says Gabriella Harris, a surgical technology student. “We’ve made a lot of mistakes in class, but it’s easier to do that here. Then you’re really prepared for the real world and the [operating room].”

What do surgical technologists do?

Surgical technologists have a very important role in the operating room (OR). They are responsible for preparing the OR by creating and maintaining a sterile field, setting up surgical equipment, supplies and solutions. During surgery, surgical technologists pass instruments, fluids and supplies to the surgeon and prepare and manage surgical equipment for each case.

“You’re a part of a team and you’re depended upon,” says Ryan Teeple, surgical technology instructor and program manager. “You keep everybody in check by acting as an advocate for patients who cannot advocate for themselves. You’re in charge of a patient’s life.”

How much do surgical techs make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, surgical technology is a growing field with a projected growth rate of 5.4% and many job opportunities with available positions in specialty hospitals, general medical hospitals, outpatient care centers and more. Surgical techs are well-compensated with a median annual salary of $55,960 in the state of Michigan.

Why choose Delta?

Delta’s surgical technology program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. Its classes are led by instructors who have worked or currently work in the field, sharing invaluable experience with their students. The classes are designed for hands-on, lab-based scenario training in a state-of-the-art simulated patient care environment. This training is then followed by real-world exposure to 120 different surgical procedures at their clinical placements in selected hospitals.

Students who complete this program leave prepared with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to be successful in their healthcare careers.

Learn more

Watch the Surgical Technology program video featuring current students and instructors in Delta’s program, or visit Delta’s Surgical Technology webpage for more information.