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Find your balance: The hidden benefits of working on campus

March 21, 2024

Emily Florey stands behind the library circulation desk at a computer

Life is one big balancing act. Students often find it challenging to divide their time between classes, work, socializing and hobbies.

Emily Florey, a student in Delta College’s Psychology program, has a simple solution: Find work as a student employee. “My work schedule is really flexible and set around my classes,” says Emily. “It’s convenient because I can walk directly from class to work and I get four days off a week.”

By working at the Delta College Library Learning Information Center (LLIC) as a library assistant, Emily found a way to earn money while prioritizing her education, socializing with her peers and incorporating her love for reading and music. She typically works the Circulation desk and values the peer-to-peer support she is able to provide when students approach with questions. But, as a music buff, she especially enjoys working on days the ‘Question Board’ prompts music-related responses. “It’s fun to see students gather around the board, especially when it’s a music question,” says Emily. “I’m sort of a ‘music snob’, so I like seeing what other students are in to.”

Emily literally has resources at her fingertips, and now her colleagues are one of them. “The staff are here to help us,” noted Emily. “They’re encouraging and very supportive.” Emily has found a way to make the most of her college experience beyond the classroom and recommends others do the same.

Delta Student Employment Opportunities

Student employment is a productive way to get involved on campus while also acquiring the work experience many employers are looking for in prospective employees. Departments will work with you to coordinate your work schedule with your class schedule and other responsibilities. 

While the majority of student employees are hired in August and September each year, job openings still occur throughout each semester. To be considered for employment, students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours (12 for international students) at Delta College before beginning work.

Students are restricted to working no more than 20 hours per week. All jobs are work-study eligible.


Email or contact Human Resources by calling 989-686-9107 or visit J101.