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Dr. David Hopkins becomes a Delta College alum through the Reverse Transfer program—You can too!

March 25, 2024

Reverse transfer your credits from your bachelor's degree program back to Delta College to earn your associate's degree

Transfer your credits from a two-year college to a four-year institution and earn your degree. Strike that! Reverse it!

It happens often. Students transfer to university before earning their associate’s degree. But you took those classes and earned those credits, why not claim your degree? With Reverse Transfer you can bring credits from your bachelor’s degree courses back to Delta College to get your associate’s degree.

Dr. David Hopkins, dean of Transfer Programs and Online Learning, did just that. Finding a new sense of pride, community and full-circle completion after earning two associate’s degrees from Delta College through the Reverse Transfer program earlier this year. His new degrees are framed and displayed proudly on his office wall.

“For me, it’s more sentimental. It solidified my connection to Delta and brought about that sense of pride,” said Dr. Hopkins. “It’s very likely, that if it hadn’t been for my time as a student here at Delta, I never would have gotten the three other degrees I have. I learned so much here; I drew so much inspiration from the instructors I had.”

To anyone considering earning a degree or certificate through Reverse Transfer, Dr. Hopkins strongly recommends working with an advisor who will help you through the process and ensure requirements have been met.

Claiming your associate’s degree or certificate through Reverse Transfer:
  1. Complete the Reverse Transfer form from your four-year institution (links below).
  2. If you have met all requirements of the agreement (vary by university) and Delta College graduation (vary by program), your degree(s) or certificate(s) will be awarded automatically.
Reverse Transfer Partners

We have agreements with several Michigan universities to make the process easy.