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Delta College Recognized as a Voter-Friendly Campus

March 12, 2019

Delta College was recently named a 2019-2020 Voter-Friendly Campus by Campus Vote Project (CVP) and the NASPA.  Delta College joins 123 other two-year and four-year campuses from around the nation, who were also recognized as Voter-Friendly.

"This designation demonstrates to our students that Delta College is fully invested in their potential to become agents for positive change in their communities," said Lisa Lawrason, Political Science Professor and co-campus coordinator of The Democracy Commitment at Delta College.

Campuses were chosen as voter friendly by their ability to successfully carry out a three-step process, that included developing a campus plan to engage student voters for the fall of 2018, aid on-campus voter engagement efforts and write a final report of their efforts and plans for the future.

"The Democracy Commitment at Delta College has sought ways to creatively engage students in elections and the Voter-Friendly Campus designation process inspired us to think strategically about how we could take those efforts to the next level," said Lawrason.

This past fall semester, Delta offered several political oriented creative initiatives and opportunities for students including a Meet the Candidates event and a Get-Out-The-Vote Party that featured election jeopardy and free food in the commons.  Delta helped over 700 students register to vote in the process.

"Delta is wholehearted about empowering our students to use their education here to affect a positive change in their lives and the lives of those around them," said Lawrason. 

Delta was noted for its efforts to diminish barriers and give students the information and resources needed, so they could participate in the political process. Ultimately putting the civic mission of higher education into action.

"This recognition is very gratifying and puts Delta College on the map and sets us apart as a trend-setter in innovative voter engagement practices," said Lawrason.

Delta’s designation this year as a Voter-Friendly Campus will be valid through December 2020.

Campus Vote Project & NASPA

Campus Vote Project (CVP) is a national nonpartisan organization that works to assist campuses in conducting reforms that help to supply students with critical information on how to register and vote and decrease barriers for student voting.

The NASPA, also a national nonpartisan organization, is the leading association for the progression, health and sustainability of the student affairs profession.

Find Out More

For more information on Voter-Friendly Campus and a complete list of all of 2019-2020 Voter-Friendly Campuses, visit Voter Friendly Campus.  

For more on the Democracy Commitment at Delta or how to get involved, contact Lisa Lawrason at 989-686-9509 or