Support Staff Appraisal of Performance


    1. The purpose of this policy is to ensure all Support Staff will receive a formal performance appraisal at mid-year and year-end and have the opportunity to request a position evaluation.
    2. Eligibility
      All Support Staff are eligible.
    3. Performance Appraisal Factors
      Support Staff will be evaluated by their first-level supervisor(s) in each of the following appraisal factor categories found in the formal performance appraisal procedure for both the mid-year and year-end evaluation.
      1. Application of Knowledge
      2. Effectiveness of Communication
      3. Responsibility and Dependability
      4. Quality and Productivity
      5. Problem Solving
      6. Flexibility/Adaptability
      7. Professional Development
      8. Supervision (if applicable)
      9. Budget Management (if applicable)
    4. Performance Appraisal Approvals
      1. Mid-year appraisal will be approved by the first-level supervisors.
      2. Year-end appraisal will be approved by the first-level and second-level supervisors.
    5. Appraisal Review
      1. Mid-Year
        The first-level supervisor will evaluate the Support Staff employee using the appraisal factors and the mid-year rating scale. The Support Staff employee and first-level supervisors should review the employee’s one-page job description and/or Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ). The completed and signed mid-year appraisal is forwarded to the Human Resources Office.
      2. Year-End
        Support Staff along with their supervisor will sign the appraisal form indicating that the content was reviewed, an interactive discussion took place, and there was an opportunity to make written comments both in agreement or disagreement with the content. Signing the document does not indicate that the employee agrees or disagrees with the appraisal.  See Procedures Manual – Performance Management System - Employee Disagreement with Appraisal.
    6. Conclusion of Performance Appraisal and Appeal
      1. The Human Resources Department will maintain all final appraisals in the applicable Support Staff employee’s personnel file.
      2. Support Staff employees may discuss their appraisal with the appropriate second-level supervisor or the appropriate Executive Staff Member or appeal the appraisal through the Senate Grievance process.
        Year-end appraisal results are used to calculate annual wage increases as authorized by the Board of Trustees.
    7. Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ) and Job Description Review
      PIQs and/or job descriptions are required to be reviewed at least once annually with either the mid-year or year-end appraisal. However, a review can be initiated at any time during the year by either the Support Staff employee or the supervisor.
      See - Position Description Procedure - Administrative/Professional & Support Staff.
    8. Process for Changes to the Support Staff Appraisal of Performance Procedures
      Human Resources must inform SSEC Chair and Chair Elect of proposed changes and the Process for Procedures Review and Comment will be followed.

See - Process for Procedures Review and Comment.

 See - Performance Management System for Support Staff.

Board Action 5143 – April 5, 2016