It's important for Delta to be visable in the communities we serve. However, there are just too many worthy organizations, actitivities and events to support them all, therefore we must be strategic and transparent in our sponsorship selection process. This guideline was put into place to assist faculty and staff across the college in understanding the procedure for bringing forward opportunities.

The following factors will affect Delta College’s decision-making when requests are received:

    • Budget availability
    • Timing - Requests will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis
    • Whether events are supportive of the college’s mission, vision and values
    • Delta College has limited budget resources annually; in no instance will the College provide monetary donations to an outside organization
    • The College will not sponsor any golf outings

Priority will be given to supporting:

    • Community organizations that serve youth (especially 9–12 grade youth)
    • Activities that benefit and directly impact Delta College’s current students
    • Activities that are regional (cover Delta’s district)

Objective 1: Define a yearly plan for community sponsorships 

    • Provide visibility at community events
    • Streamline the decision-making process
    • Help staff understand their role in supporting and participating in outreach events
    • Identify cost centers that will be used to provide the financial support

Objective 2: Identify attendees and outcomes

When Delta College sponsors an event that includes tickets to a luncheon or dinner, be strategic about who is invited to attend and make sure they aware of their responsibilities.

Working on a plan for sponsorships and attendance in advance will provide Delta College with the opportunity to:

    • Build recognition with major community organizations identified in the plan
    • Increase leadership participation with business and economic organizations
    • Ensure probability to impact educational programs or financial success
    • Will provide a structure to help clearly identify, approve and coordinate Delta’s involvement
    • Ensure equity of spending across all three counties
    • Explore additional student recruitment activities and/or events 

Responsible decision making

Student/enrollment focused sponsorships

    • Will be the responsibility of the Marketing Department
      • Examples: American GI Forum; Bay Arenac ISD; Positive Results Downtown Saginaw (Friday Night Live); K Onda events; Lawn Chair Film Festival/Old Town Saginaw; Loons Baseball; Saginaw Spirit; SVSU Manufacturing Day

Business/economic development focused sponsorships

    • Will be the responsibility of the President’s Office
      • Examples: Bay Area Chamber of Commerce; Bay Future; Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works; Midland Business Alliance; Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce; Saginaw Future

Local community focused sponsorships

    • Will be the responsibility of the Centers’ Director from the following sources
      • Bay County will be the responsibility of the Planetarium
        • Examples: Hell’s Half Mile; State Theater
      • Midland County will be the responsibility of the Midland Center
        • Example: Downtown Development Authority
      • Saginaw County will be the responsibility of the Saginaw Center 
        • Example: Downtown Saginaw Association

Diversity and inclusion focused sponsorships

    • For the Community
      Will be the responsibility of the Chief Officer of Culture, Belonging and Community Building 
      • Examples: African Cultural Festival; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (MLK luncheon); Ezekiel Project; NAACP Bay City Branch dinner; NAACP Saginaw Branch dinner; Saginaw Promise Zone; Michigan Banner events; MLK events with SVSU
    • For Students
      Will be the responsibility of the Chief Officer of Culture, Belonging and Community Building
      • Examples: speakers and performers

Reciprocity support for business and industry, who have given to the Delta Foundation

    • Will be the responsibility of Institutional Advancement
      • Examples: A&D Charitable Foundation; Ascension St. Mary’s of Michigan; Covenant Kids; Legacy Center/Mardi Gras; McLaren Charity Ball; Saginaw Art Museum