“Well-time” was established to provide an opportunity for all employees to improve their physical fitness in order to benefit their health, overall quality of life, job satisfaction, morale, and personal relationships with fellow workers.


These guidelines by which full-time employees may choose to organize their break time specifically to fit wellness activities with their supervisor's approval are as follows:

    1. The Wellness Program activities must take place at Delta College.
    2. Up to one and one-half hours per day, three days/week is the maximum time allowed for the program, and may be less at times, depending on each department’s situation.  This wellness time takes the place of any allowed breaks, including lunch, on those days. With their supervisor’s prior written approval, individual Administrative/Professional staff may be able to flex their hours on the remaining two days per week to take advantage of College wellness activities.
    3. Prior approval by each supervisor is required (including executive staff, approved by the President).
    4. “Well-time” may be different in each department, and should be flexible due to differing work situations.  The Supervisor may approve wellness at any time of the day to balance staffing and meet student and departmental needs.
    5. The Delta Golf League and Delta Bowling League are designated as “wellness time” allocated on the day of the activity.
    6. These wellness guidelines are intended for full-time employees only.

One and one-half hours per day, three days per week includes times allocated for lunch and breaks on each of the days.

All full-time regular employees are encouraged to participate in "Well-time" activities to the greatest extent possible within the limits of College policies.  Supervisors are asked to cooperate in enabling employees to participate to the extent possible within policy limits and the workload of their offices.

Revision/Review Dates
01/11, 7/17