Administrative Professional and Support Staff


This paid vacation program is for the Administrative Professional and Support Staff.  Regular part-time employees are eligible for this vacation program on a prorated basis.


The operational guidelines are as follows:

    1. Vacation requests are approved and scheduled in advance by the supervisor.
    2. Vacation days may be used in no less than one half or whole day increments for A/P staff and one hour increments for Support Staff.
    3. If a holiday, recognized by the College, occurs during an employee’s vacation, no vacation time will be charged for that time.
    4. If a person is on a scheduled vacation and the College is closed with the approval of the President, this time is considered as official leave with pay, not a vacation.
    5. If during a scheduled vacation a person becomes ill or disabled, this person may request to have this lost vacation time rescheduled or charged to accrued sick leave.
    6. If a person is on a scheduled vacation and bereavement leave is justified, this time is considered as bereavement leave with pay, not as vacation.
    7. Accrual limit: 1.5 times the annual accrual. Once the accrual limit is reached, accrual will cease until time is used.  In exceptional cases, with the approval of the supervisor, the accrual limit for a year may be exceeded.
    8. The annual salary rate in effect at the time of separation is used to calculate the unused vacation pay.
    9. In accordance with the Michigan Employment Security Act (MESA) Administrative Rule #302, we are notifying you that any accrued vacation days will be designated at the time of separation, if applicable. The designation of the days will render you ineligible for the period of time specified.
    10. The supervisor and the person taking the vacation have the accountability for prompt and accurate reporting of vacation time to the Human Resources Office. 
    11. Supervisors may approve a negative balance which cannot exceed an employee’s annual accrual amount as of December 31st of each year, without extenuating circumstances and approval by the Director of Human Resources. The only exception to borrowing vacation from next year’s accrual is during the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday.
    12. If at the time an employee retires, resigns or is terminated and their vacation balance is negative; a deduction for the negative balance will be made from the remaining payroll payment(s). The College will request that the employee sign a consent for payroll deduction form.  Where circumstances prevent the signing of this form, a deduction will be made in accordance with the 1978 PA 390 Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Act and will require the College to provide written notice to the employee of the deduction.
    13. Vacation will not be accrued after an A/P or Support Staff employee has been absent on sick leave more than thirty consecutive calendar days.

Annual vacation rates

    • Executive Staff  Annual Accrual = 200 hours (25 days); accrued on a biweekly basis of 7.7 hours per pay.
    • Administrative Professional Staff Annual Accrual = 176 hours (22 days); accrued on a bi-weekly basis of 6.77 hours per pay.
    • Support Staff Annual Accrual = 160 hours (20 days); accrued on a biweekly basis of 6.16 hours per pay.

Full-time/part-time regular A/P and Support Staff.

Revision/review dates
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