Use of Assigned Space


Delta College Facilities Management exists to serve the faculty, staff, and students.  Its mission is to plan, construct, operate, and maintain the buildings, engineering plant, and grounds of the College.  The principle objective of the department is to provide facilities and conditions conductive to learning and teaching in furthering the academic goals of the College. Department employees recognize their primary function is the provision of prompt, effective support services and the maintenance and operation of the College.



No adhesives will be used on walls, doors, or windows. Adhesives include any tapes, wall coverings, adhesive type picture hangers, etc. These guidelines are not meant to dictate the décor or manage the neatness within offices but rather to keep the walls, doors, windows, and halls in a maintainable condition and provide a safe working environment.

    1. Requests to hang wall décor such as pictures, bulletin boards or framed artwork must be forwarded through Facilities Management at 989-686-9240.
    2. Paper grips installed under nameplates, bulletin boards for faculty doors and display cases for faculty support areas are available for faculty and faculty support service area postings.
    3. Office walls have been painted a college standard color and there must be no repainting of surfaces by employees.

Office electrical appliances

Personal appliances requiring electricity (refrigerators, fans, coffeepots, warming plates, quartz lamps, toasters, space heaters, etc.) are not allowed onto campus. Approved equipment is available in lounges and office support and service areas.

Furniture and accessories

Furniture and accessories have been bar coded and cabinet/file keys are catalogued per room for insurance and inventory purposes. They must not be moved or swapped between areas. Approval for furniture, accessories or moves must be approved and processed through Facilities Management. Personal furniture is not allowed onto campus.

Public areas

Materials may not be posted on windows, doors, walls or pillars. Materials posted in unauthorized space will be removed and discarded. Several options are available for special announcements of a public nature.

Conference rooms and classrooms

No adhesives will be used on walls, doors, windows, chalkboards or white boards. Bulletin boards are available for posting in most rooms. Magnets are available for use on white boards. Requests for bulletin boards should be made through Facilities Management.

Revision/review dates
09/04, 7/08, 08/18