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Delta College is a public, tax-supported community college serving the three counties of Saginaw, Bay, and Midland.  Because the College is an educational institution, it is appropriate for individuals of diverse backgrounds or opinions to discuss contemporary issues with students, faculty, and staff on the campus.  However, Delta College reserves the right to impose limitations on the use of College facilities.  Specific questions of interpretation should be addressed in advance to one of the following offices:  Dean of Student Success, Dean of Teaching and Learning, and/or the Director of Business of Services.


    1. Faculty members are free to bring political speakers into classes, if done in a way consistent with College policies, academic freedom, and the rights of students to a broad spectrum of points of view.
    2. Political figures will be free to discuss topics they deem appropriate to a college audience.
    3. College audiences will be assured of priority in attendance and an opportunity to ask questions of political speakers.
    4. Delta College-recognized student groups may invite speakers to campus to address their particular group and guests.
    5. Political candidates or officeholders may have access to College facilities only when they are appearing as guests of a recognized Delta College student organization, Delta College class, or as part of an educational program.  Use of College facilities for political presentations will be subject to availability of space and prior commitment to other groups.
    6. No political fund-raising or solicitation for political contributions, including sales of printed material, may be made on the College campus.
    7. Free leaflets, flyers, and brochures are to be distributed only from areas near the Commons designated for that purpose.  Arrangements of this type are to be made in advance through the Director of Student Development.
    8. See the Public Information Posting Policy for information about posting procedures.
    9. Posters may be placed on public bulletin boards in the halls under the same regulations as other material on the boards.  It is expected that posters will be removed shortly after the event has occurred.

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Board Policy - 8.011 Expressive Activity 

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