Sick Leave - Administrative/Professional and Support Staff


This program allows for salary continuation when the employee is off work due to an injury or illness, as long as the employee has sick leave and vacation accrual in his/her account.


 An employee may not be employed elsewhere if they are on sick leave through Delta College.

    1. Employees who are absent from work shall be responsible for notifying their supervisor within one hour of their regularly scheduled starting time.
    2. Sick time may be used in no less than one half or whole day increments for A/P employees and one-hour increments for Support Staff employees.
    3. No sick leave charge will be made for Saturdays and/or Sundays unless these days are part of your regular schedule. Sick leave will not be charged for College holidays and academic vacation periods (if applicable).
    4. All regular and temporary full-time and regular part-time employees are eligible for sick leave.  Sick leave accrual is determined by classification and hours/days/months worked.
    5. All employees accrue sick leave on a bi-weekly basis.
    6. Sick leave credit will not be accrued after a Support Staff member has been absent on sick leave more than thirty consecutive calendar days. Sick leave may be accumulated up to a total of one hundred sixty days.
    7. Employees who are on sick leave must be released to their regular appointment before returning to supplemental teaching. 
    8. Each employee upon returning to work after four or more consecutive days of sick absence, or release from a hospital, must submit a statement to the Human Resources Office indicating full release to return to work without restrictions, or indicating specific restrictions under which employment could be resumed.
    9. An employee who in the opinion of the supervisor and in conjunction with the Director of Human Resources, is abusing his/her sick leave entitlement, will receive a verbal notice of warning.  If at the discretion of the supervisor and Human Resources Director the abuse continues, the employee may be required to submit to the Human Resources Office a physician's statement for any future absences.
    10. When the sick absence extends beyond the number of days in an employee's sick leave account, vacation and personal business time (Support Staff only) will be used. Use of compensatory time for Support Staff is optional.  All paid leave will be used before the employee may request in writing to borrow up to twenty work days with the approval of the supervisor in conjunction with the Director of Human Resources. Requests for more than twenty days must have the College President's approval - maximum sixty-five days. In each case a repayment agreement must be signed by the employee. The total days borrowed and accumulated cannot exceed one hundred sixty days. The intent of borrowing is to accommodate members who have not accumulated enough sick leave when illness or accidents occur; however, borrowing will not be allowed for delaying the start of long-term disability. 
    11. Any sick leave used by employees beyond accumulated credits must be repaid within seven years of their return.  This repayment can be done through deduction of sick leave as it is earned within the seven-year period. If enough sick days are not accumulated in the seven-year time period, payment for the excess time will be through salary reduction at the cost at which the days were borrowed. The payment will include a one-time, 10 percent surcharge and must be repaid within a three-year period. If an employee leaves Delta College before the account is in balance, the remaining debit must be repaid.
    12. If an employee is permanently unable to return due to illness or injury, in accordance with the long-term disability policy agreement, the deficit will be waived. In case of death of an employee, the estate will not be liable for any sick leave deficit. 
    13. In cases of sick leave that extend beyond ninety calendar days, all eligible full-time regular employees may apply for long-term disability. 
    14. In the event an employee does not have sick leave accrual to cover the period of leave, other available leave accrual(s) will be applied toward the leave.
    15. Unused sick time will not be paid upon separation of employment. If the employee returns to part- or full-time regular employment with Delta College within three years, the forfeited sick time will be reinstated.

Full/part-time regular A/P and Support Staff.

Revision/review dates
1/11, 12/18, 1/22