Schedule Adjustment - Administrative Professional


Schedule adjustments enable supervisors to meet departmental needs and enable A/P staff to meet individual needs.


Administrative/Professional (A/P) work does not conform precisely to a traditional schedule and may exceed an eight-hour day or forty-hour week. It is not unusual for meetings and obligations of the position to occur outside of normal work schedules, and these are to be considered simply regular parts of A/P jobs.

Balance between the need of the College for flexibility in assigning work and the need of individual A/P employees for occasional flexibility in scheduling and temporary modality of work (working from home on an intermittent basis) is the goal of this procedure.  It is purposely general in nature because different situations warrant different solutions and responses.

It is important for supervisors to have sufficient scheduling flexibility in order to effectively meet the needs of the College. It is also important for A/P employees to have some flexibility to adjust their schedules to accommodate competing demands on their time. The College recognizes that the improved morale that results from such accommodation of individuals contributes to productivity.  A/P employees recognize that the College's goals must take precedence where a choice must be made.

Working remotely is not a substitute for child or dependent care. 

Procedures for A/P schedule adjustment

    1. When A/P employees experience special external time demands, they may request to adjust their hours of work to reflect their special situation.
    2. When A/P employees are required to work outside their normal work schedules for an extended period of time, they may request an adjustment in their schedule.
    3. Time involved in schedule adjustments may not be banked for use into the future.
    4. Schedule and temporary modality (working from home on an intermittent basis) adjustments are at the discretion of the supervisor and require their prior approval.

An employee and their supervisor may mutually agree to a temporary reduction in the employee's hours with a corresponding reduction in compensation during a contract period for up to one year. The employee's supervisor and Executive Staff member must agree to any such reduction in writing, in advance, and their written rationale must include a statement ensuring that the reduction will not adversely affect the college nor adversely impact other employees. The position will automatically revert to its prior status at the end of the year unless the employee, supervisor and Executive Staff member develop a new agreement, or unless other factors such as budget reductions or reorganization impact the position.

Schedule adjustments must be approved in advance.

All Administrative/Professional staff

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