Return to Work Program


 This program attempts to return employees back to work who have been on sick leave for an extended period of time due to injury or illness.


    1. When an employee has been on extended sick leave or on workers' compensation and returns to employment, the employee must supply the Human Resources Office with a physician's statement indicating the date of return, including any limitations and restrictions.
    2. We will try to accommodate each employee, on a case-by-case basis, within any limitations stated by the attending physician.  Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), returning an injured employee to work through an offer of reasonable employment may be considered a "reasonable accommodation." An employer may make light-duty jobs available, but neither the ADA nor the Workers Disability Compensation Act requires an employer to create light-duty work.
    3. In the event an employee returns to work and is not able to perform all of the duties of the assigned position, the employee will be paid a lower rate of pay with the difference made up by workers' compensation or long-term disability, if applicable.
    4. In the event the employee refuses reasonable employment without good and reasonable cause, the employee shall be considered to have voluntarily removed him or herself from the work force and is no longer entitled to any wage loss benefits during the period of such refusal.
    5. Reasonable employment means work that is within the employee's capacity to perform that poses no clear and proximate threat to that employee's health and safety, and is within a reasonable distance from that employee's residence.  The employee's capacity to perform is not limited to jobs in work suitable to his or her qualifications and training.

Cross Reference Locations
Workers Disability Compensation Act (PDF) and Americans with Disabilities Act

All employees of Delta College

Revision/review dates
1/11, 09/2017