Retirement/Resignation - Incentive for Early Announcement of Tenure Track Faculty Resignation


Instituted in order to give the College adequate time to plan strategically regarding faculty vacancies and to recruit appropriate candidates to fill faculty vacancies.


Tenure track faculty wishing to resign/retire at the completion of the academic year shall submit a written, irrevocable notice of resignation to the President, with copies to the Academic Associate Dean and the Academic Office, no later than the end of April the preceding year to qualify for a $2000 early announcement incentive (i.e. resigning/retiring in April or June 2009 would require notification by April 30, 2008 to qualify for the incentive).
In the faculty member's final pay, a lump sum payment representing the incentive will be made directly to the employee who is offered and accepts the Early Announcement Incentive.

Tenure track faculty

Revision/review dates
1/11, 9/2017