Recruiting/Interviewing/Hiring Full-Time Positions


 Human Resources is responsible for the consistent handling of this process


    1. The Director of Human Resources will be responsible for the consistent handling of all recruitment and appointments to Delta College in order to attain the objectives of the College in areas of Equal Employment Opportunity.
    2. All new or vacant positions must be approved by the President for posting. To post a position, a "Request for Personnel" form must be obtained from the Human Resources Office and completed by the appropriate supervisors and administrative staff before the position may be posted internally/externally.
    3. Appropriate administrator/faculty in consultation with the Human Resources Office will list the specific job requirements of the position which will be distributed to prospective candidates through a job vacancy notice/RFO.
    4. The Director of Human Resources or his/her designee will develop the following in consultation with the appropriate academic and administrative personnel:
      1. Internal and external posting of vacancies;
      2. Timetable for advertising;
      3. Deadlines for receiving applications; and
      4. Orientation (Inclusion).

Revision/review dates
01/11, 12/18