Professional Development Allowance - Support Staff


In recognition of a joint individual and college responsibility to promote the development of Support Staff, and that professional development is a continuous process, the College will supplement the Support Staff’s investment with a Professional Development Allowance (PDA).


PDA amount is $275

Approved PDA employee expenses:

    • Books for classes or workshops (including community education offerings)
    • Supplies for classes or workshops
    • Course Fees (learning resource fees, telecourse fees, etc.)
    • Conference Fees and related costs
    • Software
    • Fees at other college/training facilities (application fee, orientation fee, etc.)
    • Membership Fees - work related (PSI, Noon Optimist, etc.)
    • Subscriptions (Business Magazines, periodicals, etc.)

Delta College will pay Support Staff registrations through the Support Staff PDA cost center, provided the appropriate paperwork and requisition are submitted to HR for HR approval and cost center assignment. The individual would not have to pay first, and then submit for reimbursement. This is only for workshops and seminars that are not Delta College programs or courses, such as Skill Path, Lorman, Fred Pryor, etc. If a staff member signs up for a Delta College program or course, it must be paid first by the individual, and then reimbursed due to IRS regulations.

Receipts must be attached to an official reimbursement form and submitted to the Director of Human Resources.

If you and/or your supervisor are unsure about what may qualify, contact Human Resources Office.

See PDA Guidelines on the Business Services portal site.

Full-time support staff

Revision/review dates
01/11, 5/18