Long-Term Disability


Regular full-time employees are provided with an income protection insurance fully paid for by the College twenty-four consecutive months after date of hire.  Employees with less than twenty-four consecutive months, but more than ninety days of employment, may enroll in long term disability insurance on an individual paid basis through payroll deduction.  


Total disability

    1. Disability Insurance provides a benefit of 66 2/3 percent of salary (to a maximum monthly indemnity of $5,000) for a qualifying disability arising from accident or sickness.
    2. An employee will be eligible to apply for disability benefits as follows:
      1. After a waiting period of ninety consecutive days or the end of accumulated sick leave, whichever is longer.
      2. During the first twelve months after a person is placed on long term disability, the College will continue to pay the College’s portion of medical and dental insurance for the employee only. Employees are responsible for the cost share portion. Employees are eligible to pay the difference under a two-party or family plan the first year to cover dependents.  From the 13th through the 24th month of long-term disability, the employee has the option of dropping medical and dental coverage or continuing coverage on a self-pay basis for the full monthly premium.
      3. During the first nine months after a person is placed on long term disability, the College will continue to pay group life insurance for the employee. The application for disability also includes application for waiver of premium. The Human Resources Office will supply the necessary forms to the individual.
    3. An employee will be reinstated with full benefits when returning within the 24-month period, if physically or mentally capable of performing all duties of the assigned position as certified by the attending physician. Should the College, in its sole discretion, believe a second opinion is necessary, obtaining the second opinion will be at College expense.
    4. The employee will be notified by certified mail that his/her employment at the College will end after twenty-four consecutive months of long-term disability coverage if certified as totally disabled.  If the employee is rehired by Delta College, prior years of service credit will be retained.

Partial disability

    1. Partial disability will be certified by a licensed physician and approved by the long-term disability carrier.
    2. When returning to work under the partial disability plan during the 13th through the 24th month of long term disability, the College will pay a proportionate share of the cost of Life and Medical insurance for the employee and dependents.
    3. Return ½ time = 50% College paid and 50% employee paid plus the employee’s regular monthly cost share.
    4. Return ¼ time = 25% College paid and 75% employee paid plus the employee’s regular monthly cost share.

All regular full-time employees

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