Life Insurance/Supplemental Life


The plan will provide coverage up to the employee’s annual salary rounded to the nearest 1,000 times two not to exceed $50,000. The plan also provides an accidental death (double indemnity), and dismemberment and loss of sight benefit.


Life insurance

    1. To change name or beneficiary, employee must complete a Beneficiary Designation form.
    2. Upon death of employee, a Life Insurance Claim form will be processed.  A copy of death certificate is required.

Supplemental life

    1. Additional life insurance above what the College provides can be obtained on a self-pay basis through payroll deduction.
    2. For supplemental life insurance through payroll deduction, complete appropriate application and supply medical information when applicable.   
    3. New hires have thirty days from the date of hire to elect without completing the Statement of Health (SOH) form. If the coverage amount exceeds $80,000 (non-medical maximum) the SOH must be completed. 
    4. All other employees can elect coverage during the open enrollment period, November 1-15 each year. 
    5. Upon death of an employee, spouse and/or dependent, a Life Insurance Claim form will be processed. A copy of death certificate is required.

Delta College provides a group life insurance program for all regular full-time employees effective the date of hire.

Revision/Review dates:
6/16, 12/21