Leave of Absence without Pay - Faculty


When it is beneficial to the College or the individual, a leave of absence may be granted.  Such leaves will ordinarily be without salary.  An individual will be considered an employee of the College while on leave of absence and may continue benefits on a self-pay basis.


    1. The written request for a leave of absence will be transmitted to the appropriate Dean with the academic Associate Dean's recommendation.
    2. The Dean will make a recommendation and submit the request and recommendation to the Chief Academic Officer, who will make a recommendation to the College President at least seventy-five days prior to the beginning date of the proposed leave.
    3. The applicant will be notified in writing as to the action taken on the request within sixty days of the date of submission.
    4. Prior to going on leave of absence, the person will either resign from or make interim arrangements in elective offices, Senate responsibilities, or released time projects.  These arrangements will be made with the approval of the Chief Academic Officer, Senate Executive Board, or the Faculty Executive Committee, if appropriate.
    5. Employees on leave of absence will communicate, in writing, to the Human Resources Office and immediate supervisor their intention to return to the College at least one hundred twenty days prior to the expiration of the leave or one hundred twenty days prior to the commencement of their anticipated next contractual obligation at the College, whichever is later.  Persons not intending to return or not complying with these notice provisions will have their employment terminated on the final date of the leave.

Cross reference location
Senate Handbook 2.050 Leaves of Absence 

All full-time faculty 

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1/11, 09/17