Fundraising by Employees


The Delta College Foundation is a separate 501(c)3 formed specifically for the purposes of soliciting, receiving and acknowledging contributions solely in support of the College. The Foundation Office maintains policies and procedures that are in compliance with local, state and federal regulations in regard to the solicitation and acceptance of gifts.

It is the responsibility of the Foundation Office to coordinate fundraising programs, events and solicitation for all funds (over $100) from individuals, private foundations, businesses, corporations and organizations. This would include, but not be limited to, gifts of cash, equipment/materials, services, advertising and sponsorships. This ensures that the College is coordinated in its approach to funding sources.


Fundraising procedures

Delta College utilizes its Foundation to raise funds to support its vision to be our communities’ first choice to learn, work, and grow.  We also encourage individual students and employees to make their own contributions to our community, through service learning and through participation in volunteer activities that are not directly connected to the mission of the college.

No employee or student has the right to commit Delta College to support volunteer or fundraising activities, without the knowledge and consent of the College. Individuals and groups have the obligation to know and follow all established policies and procedures of the College, without exception.

When fundraising, volunteer groups, whether students, faculty or staff, should be aware of and follow existing local, state and federal laws, ordinances and statues pertaining to fundraising and the subsequent tax advantages of contributing. All groups are responsible for knowing the legal responsibilities and consequences of their fundraising activities.

When an activity is not intended to benefit Delta College or the registered student club or organization, the utmost care must be taken to make that distinction clear, and not to lead outsiders to believe the activity is a College-sponsored effort.

Steps to take

Any faculty, staff, student organizations, clubs or associations wishing to solicit funds, goods or services, or hold events for the purpose of raising funds on behalf of the College, need prior approval from the Executive Director of the Foundation and/or President of the College.

Faculty and staff may enlist support from the Foundation staff when seeking outside support.  A person’s supervisor, dean, and/or vice president should endorse the idea before the project is forwarded for consideration.

After having a conversation with the appropriate supervisor and dean, faculty and staff must complete the Delta College Employee Request to Fundraise form. The form should be submitted to the Foundation Office for review, allowing at least 5 business days for a response.  This ensures that any conflicts in current solicitations can be identified and avoided.

Faculty and staff

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