Education and Travel Grants


Each fiscal year, Senate Assembly Members are eligible for grants to cover the cost of tuition, books and materials for college courses. A per diem allocation is available for workshops and conferences. The total amount granted cannot exceed $500 per year.


    1. The Sabbatical Committee reviews two areas of grant allocations:
      1. Tuition grants are awarded for courses taken within the fiscal year. The Committee will support tuition/fees and materials. Travel to and from credit classes is not funded. The Committee will not support tuition grants to individuals on a sabbatical leave in the semester prior to, during, and immediately after the semester of the sabbatical leave.
      2. Conference/Workshop grants: A per diem allocation is established each fiscal year. Currently, that allowance is $75 per day. A travel day may be included as part of the activities when the round trip exceeds 400 miles from Delta College. The per diem allocation may be used by the recipient to defray travel, lodging, food, etc. Receipts must be given to the Business Office along with the travel expense account form and the grant approval form.
    2. Education and Travel Grant applications are reviewed for the following:
      1. Relevance to the applicant’s position.
      2. Connection to the applicant’s professional development.
    3. The Applicant: Each request must be submitted to the Senate Office Application for Education and Travel Grants can be found on the Senate Inside Delta page, under Related forms. Print and complete the paper application).  The application must be complete and submitted by the timelines below. The applicant will be refused funding if the necessary information is lacking or unclear.
    4. P.D.A./Travel Budget: In order to avoid depleting Education and Travel funds prior to awarding each applicant's request, the Committee has the prerogative to review applicants' use or intended commitment to use P.D.A. or travel budget.
    5. Special Note: Current policy allows for $500 per individual per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30); however, to accommodate more requests, the Committee awards up to $300 as money is available. Education and Travel funds will be equally divided between the July-December and January-June time periods. If money is available at the end of the year, remaining portions will be awarded in order of application.
    6. Procedure for Reimbursement: After the Committee has acted on grant requests recipients will receive notification. Reimbursement should follow Business Office procedure for approved grants. See timelines below for submission deadlines.

If the activity occurs in June, special arrangements for reimbursement can be made with the chair of the Committee and the Business Office at 989-686-9230 or 989-686-9036 or

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