Dental Insurance


Delta College provides full-time employees with dental insurance.  The Benefits Manager is responsible for this program.  Additional dental information is available on the Human Resources Benefits portal.


    1. Coverage is effective the first of the month following hire date. 
    2. Dependent continuation coverage is available from age 19 to 24 if the dependent meets eligibility.
      1. A dependent may continue to be covered if the child meets ALL of the following requirements:
        i. The child is between 19 and 23.
        i. The child is unmarried.
        ii. The child is a member of the subscriber’s household.
        iii. The subscriber provides more than half of the child’s support.
        iv. The child is related to the subscriber by blood, marriage or legal adoption/guardianship.
        v. The child is a full-time student for at least five months of the year 
        vi. Dependent was totally and permanently disabled prior to age 19, incapable of self-sustaining employment, disability certified by a physician, unmarried, and dependent on you for more than half of their support and reported as a dependent on your most recent federal income tax return.
    3. To add spouse/new dependents or delete a family member, a change form must be completed, and the appropriate documentation submitted within thirty days of date of occurrence.
    4. A copy of the marriage license is required to enroll spouse and birth certificates must be submitted for children.
    5. A copy of judge of divorce is required to cancel coverage on spouse and/or dependents.

All regular full-time employees

Revision/review dates
6/16, 9/21