College Vehicle Use


The College shall own and/or lease vehicles deemed necessary for the operation of the institution and to conduct College business. All vehicles maintained by the College are appropriately State licensed. Vehicle registration and Proof of Insurance documents are kept in the glove compartment of all vehicles.


    1. College vehicles are requested by contacting Operations & Maintenance at ext. 9240, Office P025.
    2. The requestor must present a valid Operator's License for all persons who will be driving the vehicle.
    3. Priority for use of vehicles is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    4. Requests will be made at least 24 hours in advance of anticipated travel. Efforts will be made to accommodate requests that are less than the minimum advance notice.
    5. Requests from drivers not previously authorized will be held until approved. By requesting use of a vehicle, the driver is granting permission for the College to check their driving record (see Authorization to Use College Vehicle below).

Authorization to use college vehicle

    1. A driver's record must be reviewed and approved before the driver may operate a College vehicle.
    2. Only drivers meeting the driving record criteria established by the College and the Michigan Community College Risk Management Authority may operate a College vehicle. An acceptable driving record meets the following criteria:
      1. No driving incidents which resulted in license suspensions in the last five years. Exception: If suspension was due to an unpaid ticket, which had not been resolved, and all other criteria are satisfactorily met.
      2. No serious violations (each four points or more) within the past five years. Examples include careless or reckless driving, drag racing, exceeding the posted speed limit by more than 20mph, driving while under the influence, fleeing or eluding.
      3. No more than three minor violations (each three points or less) within the past three years. Examples include disobeying stop sign, disobeying traffic signal, failure to signal, improper lane use, improper passing or turning, exceeding the posted speed limit by less than 20mph.
    3. These requirements may be waived or suspended in exceptional circumstances only upon written authorization by the Vice President of Business and Finance Services.

Use of college vehicle

    1. College vehicles will be used only by College employees when conducting authorized College business (see employee definition*).
    2. Vehicles may not be used for personal use.
    3. Vehicles may not be kept overnight before scheduled departure or arrival date.
    4. Vehicles are to be driven in a safe manner in accordance with traffic regulations of the venue in which they are driving. Any traffic tickets accrued are the responsibility of the driver and must be reported to Delta College Campus Police.
    5. Keys must not be left in a vehicle while unattended.
    6. Smoking in a College vehicle is prohibited.

Damage/repair of college vehicle

    1. All accidents which occur while using a College vehicle must be reported to:
      1. Local Police Department at the time of the accident
      2. Delta College Public Safety upon return to campus
      3. Delta College Facilities Management upon return to campus
    2. Grounds Manager (Campus Police after hours) must be contacted before major repairs of an emergency nature (more than $500) can be made on a vehicle. Minor repairs ($499 or less) can be made by credit card or with out-of-pocket cash but a receipt must be returned with the vehicle.
    3. A driver observing the vehicle they are using is in need of routine service or repair should report it upon return.

Pick up and return of college vehicle

    1. Vehicle keys can be obtained from Operations & Maintenance in P025.
    2. A Vehicle Operation Record will be completed by Operations & Maintenance and signed by the driver before departure.
    3. College vehicles will be picked up and returned to the college vehicle parking area. The parking area is located at the garage which is accessed by the Shipping & Receiving drive off North Campus Road.
    4. A personal vehicle may be left in the college vehicle parking area while using a college vehicle. In order to leave your vehicle parked in the college parking area, you must obtain a parking permit from Facilities, P025, which is to be clearly displayed from your review mirror.
    5. Upon returning, the driver will turn in the keys and Vehicle Operation Record with a record of the actual beginning and ending mileage to Operations & Maintenance.
    6. Driver must remove all litter and personal belongings from vehicle upon return.

*Employee definition
Means any person, who performs official duties on behalf of the College, is compensated directly by the College, and is subject to the College's direction and control.

Revision/review dates
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