Alternative Assignment Grants


The Sabbatical Leaves and Grants Committee reviews, analyzes, and recommends, within established budgetary guidelines, alternative assignment grants. The Sabbatical Leaves and Grants committee currently distributes up to 9 hours across the College.


    1. Applicant completes the electronic Application for Alternative Assignment Grant.
    2. The Recommendation from the appropriate supervisor(s) must accompany each proposal along with the electronic approval.
    3. Requested hours should not exceed 3, though the maximum hours granted per individual depends upon the nature and number of applications; each credit hour is equivalent to 3 hours of work per week for the semester. Preference may be given to individuals who have not received an alternative assignment grant recently.


Senate Office – Sabbatical Leaves and Grants Committee
Ext. 9297

Important alternative assignment dates

    1. Applications must be made by April 1 for the next academic year beginning July 1.
    2. The committee recommendations are submitted to the College President for approval by April 15.
    3. By April 25 College President will notify the committee chair of the decision at which point the committee chair provides written notice to each application revealing the outcome.
    4. Alternative timelines may be established by the committee should all hours not be allocated in the first round.
    5. Within 30 days of completion of the project, the recipient submits to the Senate Office a concise, report of outcomes. See procedure#4 above for additional requirements

Cross reference locations
Senate Policy 2.090 Sabbatical Leaves and Grants and Application for Alternative Assignment Grant

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